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"Punk's mom freaks out that she'd heard he was to be executed, but then the mood elevators kick in and she dismisses the Trio with a friendly, 'Don't get into trouble, now!' Punk is totally feeling the love. I'm totally feeling that I'll never get the past five minutes of my life back. No wonder his dad split."
     -Ryan, Chrono Trigger Part 3

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Suikoden : Part 2
By Jeanne
Posted 03.09.02
Pg. 1 : 2 : 3
Gremio and Cleo show up and try to hide PUGGY!!!, but it's too late. Just as they are prepared to fight the Imperials and let PUGGY!!! escape, Viktor shows up. "That's enough, young fella. You too, Imperial big shots," he says in a macho fashion, because he's a big, tough, manly man. "Use your heads. Would fugitives from the law still be hanging around here?" Maybe, if they were ones who were stupid enough to announce their plans right in front of the people from whom they're trying to escape. That explanation is good enough for the Imperials. Viktor offers to kick PUGGY!!! and his companions out. He does, only it looks like he walks out and the others follow him. There's no force involved. Ah, sprite graphics.

Viktor takes them to a point in the center of the town. I bet that's a whole lot safer than where they were. Gremio thanks him, but Viktor says he needed an excuse to get out of paying for his meal. Everyone's all shocked and offended and stuff, but Viktor tells them to let it go. "Well then, thanks for helping us out," he adds. Um, who's us? And who helped them? Oh, never mind. Viktor walks off and PUGGY!!!, Gremio, and Cleo are on their own again.

PUGGY!!! heads to the front gates of the town, but no one is allowed to leave. Crap. PUGGY!!! goes back to the center of town to find Viktor, who is sitting on a park bench. Yes, a park bench. Viktor asks them why they look troubled. "Heh heh, I know who you are. That rebel McDohl kid, right?" he says. Gremio objects to that and says that they are not rebels. Get used to this because he'll say it about twenty million more times before the end of the recap. Viktor replies that he wouldn't care either way, and wonders how they are going to escape Gregminster. Viktor offers his help, since he is "used to this kind of thing." PUGGY!!! accepts, and Gremio is a bit suspicious when Viktor says there is one condition. "It's no big deal," Viktor tells them. "If you succeed in escaping, I'd like you to meet someone." I sure hope it's not a pimp.

Their first stop is the front gate (actually, Viktor says the "palace gates," but I called it the front gates before, so I'm trying to be consistent, damn it), and Viktor says he's not going to turn them in. He joins the entourage. I suppose that's the fancy way of saying "joining the party as a non-fighting member."

At the front gates, Viktor tells the others that he'll go talk to the guard. So he does. Some kind of non-verbal exchange takes place (I probably am better off not knowing), and then Viktor tells PUGGY!!! and the others that they can all leave, but they should hide their faces. The guard goes to sit in the shade, and PUGGY!!!, Gremio, Cleo, and Viktor pass through the gates. Viktor explains that Imperial soldiers are easily bribed. With money! Money! Don't be sick, now. That's my job. Viktor uses that chance to make a statement about the "state of things in the Imperial Capital." It's a dramatic speech, full of accusations of evil, corruption, and the world coming apart at the seams. "That's too bad," Cleo replies.

Gremio calls Viktor on the whole "not having money to pay the inn bill, but having enough money to pay the guard" thing. Viktor asks why he should have to use his own money to help them escape. Gremio notices that his wallet is missing. It's quite funny. Viktor gives it back and tells Gremio to watch it better in the future.

Then Viktor tells PUGGY!!! it's time to fulfill his end of the bargain. He calls PUGGY!!! "little fella", and Gremio gets pissy. "It's Master PUGGY!!!!" he shrills. Boy, Gremio and Viktor sure got off to a bad start. Heh heh, I said "got off", heh heh. "Okay, so it's Master PUGGY!!!," Viktor replies. "I'd like you to meet someone in Lenankamp. Agreed?" PUGGY!!! agrees, and they head south to Lenankamp.

In Lenankamp, Viktor makes the comment, "Here we are in Lenankamp" - in case the little popup that said "Lenankamp" wasn't enough of a clue - "Not much of a place, but they do make fine tea here." Apparently that's fucking hilarious because Viktor starts laughing. Then he tells them he has work to do, and may be back late, so they should take a look around. Oh, that's nice. What happened to "You just have to meet this person"? PUGGY!!! follows him all the way to another city, and he just leaves them there. Um, hello! Fugitives from the Imperials and all that!

Gremio expresses his distrust of Viktor, after Viktor leaves. Cleo just wants to take a shower. I understand that she's probably overdue for one, but I would think that there would be more important matters to deal with at this point. Like the whole "being on the lam" thing. I suppose it's a bad thing to reek when you're running from the law.

Another guy on the street says something about all the people that go into the Keyaki Inn and never come out. I wonder if there's a secret passage there. And since the Keyaki Inn is my next logical destination, I wonder if it will have anything to do with Viktor. Or maybe the guy just randomly told me that, and unlike most other NPC dialogue, it has no relation to the game whatsoever. Yeah.

I'm about to find out. The innkeeper psychically figures out that PUGGY!!! is a friend of Viktor's, and decides to give PUGGY!!! the best rooms. The music turns all sappy, and we cut to PUGGY!!!, Gremio, and Cleo standing around and talking. Gremio says that Viktor never returned. Well, give the guy a chance. He said he'd be late, duh. Cleo says to give him a while longer, and if he doesn't come back, they should head north to speak with Teo. This would be a pretty pointless last ten minutes of the game if Viktor never showed up again. Not that games don't commonly have totally pointless shit in them, but this would be especially stupid.

Suddenly, there's all sorts of banging and crashing and glass breaking sounds, and the camera pans down to the entrance of the inn. Why can't they enter the building without, you know, breaking stuff? A group of Imperial soldiers have arrived, and they've heard that the fugitives are staying at the inn. The innkeeper tries to stall them.

Back in the room, Gremio is mad because he thinks Viktor turned them in. They decide to try to escape through the window. Oh no, it's jammed! (I didn't see that coming). Cleo says "Hurry! They're coming nearer," and when they cut back to the main room of the inn, we see that the soldiers haven't moved at all. Oh, then they start moving, but they still don't get any nearer to the room. I guess that's what happens when you act like you know what's going on outside, even though your door is closed and you can't actually see anything, Cleo.

Suddenly, someone's head pops up from behind the clock. PUGGY!!! pushes the clock aside, and finds a woman. What kind of inn is this? Her name is Odessa. She asks what they're waiting for. Well, excuse them for not knowing that the damn clock was a secret passageway. The three of them don't know who she is (that makes four of us), but they're thankful that she's there to help them. Unless she turned out to be even more evil than the Imperial guards -- then that would suck.

In the next scene, PUGGY!!! is in a sewer. Oh, that's an improvement. Odessa says, "So you're the 'new friends' that Viktor told me about." Luckily for her, that's true. Imagine the wacky hijinks that would ensue if she'd ended up with the wrong group of people. Odessa leads PUGGY!!! and the others to a table that's set up in one of the rooms in the sewer (I didn't know sewers had individual rooms, but I've never been in one, so I'll just go along with it), where four others await. One of them is Viktor. He apologizes to PUGGY!!!, but says that it "must have been exciting". Yeah, thanks.

Gremio demands to know what's going on. Viktor says that he might as well tell them, now that they've met Odessa. Gremio puts two and two together (apparently Odessa is a name they've all heard before, even though no one has mentioned her thus far in the game) and figures out that the group of people in the sewer are members of the Rebel Army. Which we have heard about earlier. Odessa says they prefer to be called the "Liberation Army". Potato, potahto. She gives her full name as Odessa Silverberg. I recapped that so that you won't be confused later, but for now, it's not important.

A guy named Flik, who seems to have a blue fetish (his outfit, cloak, and headband are all blue), asks Viktor if PUGGY!!! and the others are the people they were supposed to meet. Well, duh, yes they are, and Viktor's all proud of the fact that PUGGY!!! is the son of General Teo McDohl. Because, you know, Teo's one of the five great generals of the empire and all that. Never mind that PUGGY!!!, for all anyone knows, is still a member of the Imperial Army. Viktor apparently has some psychic powers that allow him to see that PUGGY!!! really isn't all that much of an Imperial, despite his lineage. Or else Viktor is just stupid.

Gremio says something to this effect (that PUGGY!!! has no intention of joining the Rebels, not that Viktor is stupid - although that is implied). PUGGY!!! has the choice of either saying he'll join or that he wasn't planning on it. I chose the latter. Viktor stutters a bit, his smugness quickly fading, and says that he can convince PUGGY!!! to join because PUGGY!!! has nowhere else to go. Everyone hates Viktor right now. Odessa says, "I guess you've all been fooled by Viktor as well. Whenever he takes a liking to someone, he just drags them in." Oh, that's just a little....creepy. I hope Viktor never takes a liking to me. Once again, since he's a video game character, I don't see that happening any time soon, thank goodness.

Odessa decides to let PUGGY!!! and his friends stay with the Liberation Army down in the sewers until everything has calmed down up above. After that, they can do whatever they want. Well, that's nice. Especially since PUGGY!!! and the others could just go rat out the Rebels if they felt like it. This is supposed to show us that the Liberation Army is Good because it is full of Good and Merciful People, whereas the Imperials are Bad because they do Bad things to Good People.

Gremio's all "No, you shouldn't join the rebels," and Cleo's all, "Hey, what the heck? Maybe we should join the rebels since everyone hates our guts now." But then she wonders what General Teo would think. I'm going to hazard a wild guess that he might be a tad peeved.

So now PUGGY!!! gets to go around and talk to everyone standing around the table. Flik is first. "My name is Flik," he says, as if we didn't already know that. "Lightning Flik of the Liberation Army. You've never heard of me?" No. No I haven't. I would remember a name that gay. And by gay, I mean homosexual, not the derogatory use of the word gay. I mean, c'mon, people. Flik introduces the two remaining characters as "Humphrey the Swordsman" and "Dirty Sanchez". Okay, so his name is just Sanchez, but I thought he needed a vile nickname. Flik brags about them all being super-famous Liberation Army members, but PUGGY!!! couldn't care less. Flik? A little less arrogance, please. You're in a fucking sewer, for crying out loud, and you're wearing all blue.

Yup, too bad. No big deal or anything.

Dirty Sanchez says nothing of note, and Humphrey the Swordsman says nothing. Viktor has the heartwarming and uplifting line, "You don't really think the Empire will take you back, do you? They'll kill you for sure." Would it really hurt you to try to have some subtlety and tact, Viktor? Odessa apologizes for Viktor dragging them into this and says something about PUGGY!!! being their enemy. How heartwarming. These people are all just bundles of joy, aren't they?

Hey, buddy, I'm, uh, trying to walk up the stairs.
PUGGY!!! gets tired of sitting around the sewer with a bunch of mopey assholes, and makes toward the stairs. Thank God. There's a constant sound of running water in the background and it's making me have to pee. To his dismay, PUGGY!!! finds a guy lying facedown at the bottom of the stairs. Gremio asks if he's all right, but makes no attempt to get him aid or anything. The guy on the ground has a message for Odessa.

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