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"I like pie. Pie is good."
     -Ted, Hoku Part 1

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Part 1


"April 11 - 15: You're new in town, right? Have you heard the latest gossip?!"
Poor, innocent Gary McStu has no idea what awaits him when he goes to live with relatives in a sleepy rural town for a year. As well as school, the poor guy has to contend with strange murders, a relentless voice in his head, a dangerous world inside the TV and, above all else, enough hysterical gossip to make a celebrity blogger reach orgasm. So much for settling in quietly. More »

Part 2


"April 16 - 22: Thank you, Gary! But our princess is in another castle!"
...Well, actually, she's in this one, but I hope she has patience to spare--rescuing her isn't exactly top of Gary's list of priorities, you see. First, he has to gallivant around Inaba, join a sports club (an activity much more pleasurable than it sounds) and wrestle with his conscience over his increasingly-complicated love life. And maybe he'll go and save Yukiko when he gets a spare moment. The power of friendship! More »

Part 3


"April 23 - May 19: Things are getting steamy in here."
These are a busy few weeks for Gary--as well as juggling his numerous suitors and trying to find time to study, he ends up making a bunch of new friends. Sadly, they comprise the world's least confident trombonist, some brat's troubled stepmother, and a wild animal that's probably going to give him rabies. He sure knows how to pick 'em. Adding to the misery, the Inaba Scooby Gang spends a painful amount of time trying to identify the killer's next victim. But all this is just a prelude to the Best Dungeon Ever, an experience that makes all the other stuff seem worthwhile. Oh, and the first person to make a "PERSAUNA!" joke gets a kick to the genitals. More »

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