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"The leader of this ragtag bunch of freaks basically tells the others to get some sleep, as they head back into the cursed side of town early next morning. Then the screen cuts back to Sandy and Ruley, in order to spare the lazy game designers the trouble of programming all of those NPCs to move offscreen. I feel somehow cheated."
     -Ben, Breath of Fire IV Part 3

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Part 1


"Tonight, the role of Death will be played by..."
The first hour introduces us to several characters we'll never see again. Eventually, we meet Valkyrie, the protagonist, and learn of her fascinating job. Think Ghostbusters meets Pok?mon and you're halfway there. More »

Part 2


"When people stop being polite, and start being real... really dead"
Part 2 picks up right where Part 1 left off, and we watch Jelanda's plans for revenge against Arnold unfold from Arnold's point of view, complete with The Real World-style interviews and confessions. Exciting! There's also a dungeon in here, but we all know how much I suck at recapping those. More »

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