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"Ruley, ever the pacifist (ha) responds by slashing Triple H's face with the King's Sword, which now unfortunately breaks. The King should sue. If his legendary sword can be broken by taking a much-needed swipe at a big-nosed, blond-haired poseur then it isn't much of a weapon."
     -Ben, Breath of Fire IV Part 2

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Part 1


"The Recap Horror Begins."
There's something not quite right about the little town of Silent Hill. Harry Mason's about to find this out the hard way, and we're about to find out how many times a PS2 controller can hit the wall before it shatters into a million pieces. Did I ever mention that I hate the controller set up for this game? Nevertheless, it's onward and upward to see what horrors await us. I don't recommend that you read this recap with the lights off, but you can try it if you want. It might make my writing look better. Now that's scary. More »

Part 2


"The Grade School of the Damned!"
Lukewarm on the trail of his darling daughter Cheryl, Harry ventures into the ominous, chalk-dust-and-vomit-powder smelling environs of the Midwich Elementary School. There he will confront multitudes of whining, crying, knee-stabbing ghoul children (and really, are there any other kind?), puzzles that involve dousing body parts with hydrochloric acid, and a huge penisy-headed monster living in the school's boiler room. Seriously, people. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried. More »

Part 3


"The Dementia Code"
Harry's off to get religion at the Balkan Church where he'll encounter a shadowy figure who knows more than she's telling, solve some random puzzles, and be reluctantly put on the path to an almost-forgotten secret some people would kill to keep. Yep, it?s just like a Dan Brown novel, only with a more plausible plot. And mutants, zombies, and tentacles. It's like a Dan Brown novel, but it's better. More »

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