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"When I can't sleep because of the vitriol pumping through my blackened, tar-filled veins, I get out of bed, go to my computer, and work on my Xenosaga fanfiction in which I'm a fabulously cool, sexy and intelligent Mary Sue aboard the Elsa. In chapter three I murder Shion in her sleep and strew her guts around the ship like Christmas decorations, and then I go have passionate, screaming, post-slaughter sex with Captain Matthews."
     -Sam, Xenosaga Part 7

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So you want to learn more about the site. I've compiled a list of questions that I think explain the site's purpose and quirks fairly well. There's also a staff bio page. In case you're looking around and can't find the links and think I'm just smoking crack, I'd like to point you toward the lovely left nav over there. Yup, there they are.

If you have any questions that are not answered on the FAQ, then send 'em in!

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