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"'[Adelbert]...He was so adamant about going back to the castle before...,' Garnoa says. Does it hurt to be that clueless? Then she seems to catch on. 'An airship full of barrels like the ones I saw at the castle...[Adelbert] was against going...Zidane, is this ship really headed for Lindblum? I'm the stupid woman (tee hee!) so I need a big, strong man to figure stuff out for me. Or you, Zidane.'"
     -Jeanne, Final Fantasy IX Part 4

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Gyroid Lovin' Gyroid Lovin' (1.3MB)

By John Rubbo

Animal Crossing is such a cute, innocent game. Or is it? Find out what gyroids are really good for. (Note: The design on the hat is supposed to be a middle finger, not....what it looks like.)

Posted : 10.21.02

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