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"Wait, I'm complaining! And if I complain in a recap that has no Shion, the game designers will think I like her and then they won't kill her off in Episode III! Nononononono! I! Must! Enjoy! This!"
     -Sam, Xenosaga Part 5

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Livejournal Icons

By A bunch of us

Here are a bunch of VGR-related icons for your Livejournal or other online journal. If you use any of these, be sure to credit the original creator!

Posted : 07.24.03


By Jeanne Rubbo

What kind of wacky weapons will game designers come up with next? They couldn't possibly be as scary as these randomly generated ones. Or could they?

Posted : 03.29.02


By Jeanne Rubbo

Ever wonder how Squaresoft comes up with the ideas for some of their summon animations? Okay, they do it by smoking crack. But why smoke crack yourself when you can just use this nifty little random generator?

Posted : 03.29.02


By Jeanne Rubbo

Moved here from its former home at RPG Maker Garden, the random title generator is designed to help you come up with a name for your RPG masterpiece!

Posted : 03.29.02

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