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"Shelinda breaks the admirable pattern Beclem and Thonga started by asking Yuna a major suck-up softball of a non-question. 'Lady Yuna, your concert the other day was nothing short of spectacular!' Yuna, with Shelinda's amazingly phallic microphone jammed in her face--not that she's complaining--tries to explain the identity switcheroo shenanigans that went on, but Shelinda basically cuts her off. She's probably been told by her producers to cap all guests' answers to two seconds or less--good sound byte size--and besides, it's not like Shelinda has the capability to understand that whole series of events. Does anyone?"
     -Sam, Final Fantasy X-2 Part 7

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Ordered by date.
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Recap Retrospective #21

By Quartz Falcon

A look back at the FFX recap where we reunited with Auron, but had to deal with boatloads of wank, a pedo, and worst of all, Blitzball along the way. Ah, memories.

Posted : 02.17.09

Wind Wanker Retrospective

By Quartz Falcon

A magnum-sized retrospective of all the Wind Wanker recaps. Includes interviews with the recappers as well as forumite contributions. May contain references to homosexuality and penises, unlike anything else on this site.

Posted : 08.29.06

The Adventures of LC and AG Part 6

By Danny Kelly

In Space!, LC tries to off Shion, AG tries to off Albedo, and there's even a special guest appearance by one of the world's most infamous pedophiles. And it's not Sam, Albedo, or Seymour.

Posted : 04.13.06

Recap Retrospective #20

By Quartz Falcon

Take a trip back to the "plot twist"-tastic Suikoden Part 3 recap. I don't have much more to say, since I have to go kill myself now -- I had almost managed to leave behind my horrible memories of TGTSNBN, and now they've all come rushing back. Woe.

Posted : 12.26.05

The Adventures of LC and AG Part 5

By Danny Kelly

The underage tiny-wanged boys travel to yet another gay world, this one also in the Suikoden universe. Suikoden II to be exact. But where in the world will they find any wankers to defeat? Or gay men to squee over?

Posted : 12.20.05

The Adventures of LC and AG Part 4

By Danny Kelly

In this installment, the chicks end up in the world of FFVIII, where they must, obviously, kill Rinoa. But it's never that easy, is it?

Posted : 11.04.05

Recap Retrospective #19

By Quartz Falcon

A look back both at Final Fantasy X Part 4 and some very ancient forum drama. Good times, good times.

Posted : 10.26.05

The Adventures of LC and AG Part 3

By Danny Kelly

The girls/homosexual prepubescent boys make it to Spira circa FFX-2. Bongs, disturbing buttsex, and thongs abound. You don't want to miss it.

Posted : 09.25.05

The Hacking of the Board

By Danny Kelly

Danny Kelly's account of what REALLY happened the day the forums were hacked. Don't bitch to me if you find it offensive.

Posted : 09.12.05

Recap Retrospective #18

By Quartz Falcon

A look back at the filler-riffic -- yet short -- Chrono Cross Part 3 recap.

Posted : 08.20.05

The Adventures of LC and AG Part 2

By Danny Kelly

In the second installment, LC and AG find themselves in Suikoden land circa the second game. How will they survive amongst such evils as Luca Blight and Tai Ho? Read and find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted : 08.07.05

The Adventures of LC and AG Part 1

By Danny Kelly

The hilarious Chiponyasu brings us another ongoing series, this one a VGR-related fanfiction starring Sam and Kelly (aka Lita-chan and Auron's Girl) as superheroes fighting wankery. In this first installment, Tidus, King of the Wankers attempts to bring his most foul subjects, the Zanarkand Abes, into the present. What will happen?!

Posted : 08.04.05

Recap Retrospective #17

By Quartz Falcon

The 17th retrospective brings us back to the third installment of the FFX recap. That's the one with the neck-humping scene. Sweet dreams!

Posted : 07.23.05

Songs in the Key of VGR #5

By Danny Kelly

This is another song lyrics extravaganza, starring wankers, non-wankers, and even recappers (aka 12-year-old gay British boys). You will be a better person for reading it.

Posted : 07.18.05

Songs in the Key of VGR #4

By Danny Kelly

Danny takes on Monty Python (and also a certain familiar ex-forum individual) in this latest song lyric parody.

Posted : 07.05.05

Recap Retrospective #16

By Quartz Falcon

What to Star Wars and stalkers have in common? No, I'm not talking about scary stalker Star Wars fanboys. Okay, maybe that wasn't a good opening line. Just read the retrospective. It's about FFVIII Part 3!

Posted : 06.16.05

Songs in the Key of VGR #3

By Danny Kelly

More song lyrics! This time featuring the main songs from FFVI and FFX. Yes, the latter is about the pond scene. Take your anti-emetics first.

Posted : 06.06.05

Recap Retrospective #15

By Quartz Falcon

Wow, talk about a timely retrospective! OF QF delves into the world of male muscle models and banishment vendettas as he looks back at Final Fantasy VII Part 3. Also, we learn that I am psychic. Fear my powers.

Posted : 05.26.05

Songs in the Key of VGR #2

By Danny Kelly

Our resident lyricist is back with his latest rewording of an existing piece, this time a VGR version of "Eyes on Me." I don't think I need to tell you what it's about. Aw yeah.

Posted : 05.24.05

Songs in the Key of VGR

By Danny Kelly

Danny Kelly (Chiponyasu from the forums) has discovered the hidden lyrics to Auron's Porn Theme and some alternate VGR-related lyrics for the Ducktales theme. And he's going to share them with you. Right now.

Posted : 05.06.05

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