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"@%$#!!! tells our cognitively impaired friend that the RToF could mean that King Mickey could have been here and that they have to work together to find him for now. I guess Kingy-poo wasn't being environmentally conscientious when he left his Gummi Litter around for some poor little Baby Kong to ingest and shit out at a critically important time in the story line."
     -Kelly, Kingdom Hearts Part 4

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I shouldn't have to do this, but here goes.

This is a site dedicated to ripping on games in a fun yet sarcastic way. Videogame Recaps contains swear words, sexual innuendo, sarcasm, close-ups of Lulu's boobs, penis jokes, and other such evils. If you think you may be offended by any of the aforementioned things, please leave now.

There are many recaps of games on this site, hence the name "Videogame Recaps". This means that there will be plot spoilers. Major, major plot spoilers. Sometimes I even mention games within recaps for other games. The extras section is also quite spoilery. You are reading these recaps and viewing the site at your own risk. If you feel that a game will be completely spoiled for you should you happen across any secret and surprising plot twists, please leave now.

I do not own the rights to any of these games or their plots or any images from the games. However, I do own the rights to all of my content and my design. If I find out that you have stolen any content from me, I will hunt you down and kick your ass.

You have been warned. If you send me any e-mails whining or complaining, it will be assumed that you have already seen this warning and READ THE FAQ, and that you are simply a dumbass.

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