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"Vyse and Pippi board their dinky little ship and set off for Valua. The village kids see them off, but the adults can't be bothered with such pointless things as supporting the two people who are going off to save their loved ones."
     -Jeanne, Skies of Arcadia Part 3

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Wankese 101 Contest Results
Posted 11.13.02
Pg. 1 : 2
It's been quite some time since the Wankese Contest ended, and due to some technical difficulties (sickness, trying to make my lazy husband do the voiceovers), I'm only now posting the results.

Choosing a winner was difficult, but we decided to go with Quartz Falcon because of his understated (read: not DISGUSTINGLY OVER-THE-TOP PERVERSE) and extremely humorous entries. Also, he completed all of the questions properly. Some of you need to reread the rules before you submit your contest entries. ;)

Before we continue on to QF's lovely entries, I would just like to take a moment to point something out. This is the original entry form you were all shown. Note in particular the fill-in-the-blank section. Several of you apologized for your dirty and perverted FITB answers, but stated something along the lines of "I couldn't help it -- the questions gave me no choice!" Well, let me just show you the ORIGINAL FITB paragraphs that I wrote, before I removed phrases. You'll see that all the perversity in this situation is in your dirty little minds.

Jeanne's Original FITB Paragraphs:

1) I thought back to the first time Auron showed up at my house. I was really young at the time, and I didn't understand why some random guy knew where I lived. It turned out he knew my old man, but at the time I thought they must have been blitzball buddies or something. I was surprised to find out that they had actually been guardians together in Spira. And here I was, guarding a summoner along with Auron, just like my old man had so many years ago. Life is strange. I think that was the first time I really knew what that phrase meant. I have Auron to thank for that.

2) It was right before the big game against the Goers. I think we were all a little nervous, especially Wakka. He kept giving us pointers, even though I didn't need them. After all, I was the star player of the Zanarkand Abes. I noticed that the other guys were hanging on Wakka's every word. As I looked around at them, I realized that I was a bit jealous that I didn't get to wear an Aurochs uniform, too. In Spira, my outfit was made fun of a lot and that made me feel bad. At that moment, the other Aurochs all turned to me, as if expecting me to say something. I had to make something up, because I hadn't been listening. I talked about teamwork and victory, and I even gave a few pointers, particularly to Keepa, whose magic hands would win or lose the game for us. I think I was truly happy at that moment, happier than I had been since I came to Spira.

3) I didn't tell anyone this, but when I first came to Spira, I had a difficult time choosing between Yuna, Rikku, and Lulu. They were all so hot in different ways. But as time went on, it became easier for me to see who I should be with. At first, I thought Lulu might be the one -- any guy would want to go out with her. Then I realized that she was already in love with Wakka. I wasn't about to get in the middle of that, so I turned my attention to Yuna. She seemed to like having me around, but her duties as a summoner kept getting in the way of us being together. Then, when Rikku returned to our group, I realized that I liked her upbeat personality. Actually, I had really missed her since we had gotten separated a while back. Unfortunately, she seemed more interested in protecting Yuna than in starting a relationship with me, so that soon fizzled out. That's why I ended up coming back to Yuna. Even though she had her pilgrimage and even though she might die at the end, there was no denying that we were right for each other. I like to think it was fate.

4) I never wanted to believe that Yuna was going to die. In fact, the first time it really hit me was when I found that sphere she had made. I knew I shouldn't pick it up and listen to it, but I couldn't help myself. As I listened to her go through her list of guardians, I realized that she never said my name. To her, I was just the star player of the Zanarkand Abes. Sure, that's what I always told people, but I wanted her to say my name, especially in her final farewell. Now that I look back on it, I realize that I was just being selfish. I realize that I was that way a lot.

5) Back in Zanarkand, I was used to being admired by a lot of people. But ever since I arrived in Spira, it seemed like I did nothing but embarrass myself. It was weird to be looked at as a joke instead of as a star, but I soon got used to it. Some of the most embarrassing moments of my time in Spira happened when I first arrived. Everyone was so surprised that I knew nothing about Spira, and I had to keep saying that it was Sin's toxin in my body that made me forget everything. I also embarrassed myself when I grabbed that megaphone and told the Goers that the Aurochs would win the game....and then we lost. I was embarrassed when I found out about that time that Auron caught me singing on the docks. But the most embarrassing part of all was when I realized that everyone in the whole world knew about what was going to happen to Yuna....except for me. I wanted to go home.

Now, onto QF's entry!

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