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"Rinhoa vapidly hopes that Seifer is alive. Squally is unimpressed by her brainlessly accepting nature, and pissed off that she's all over his man, so he tells her he doesn't give a shit about what she wishes. Rinhoa whines that he's mean and calls him a "MEANY!!" in all caps like that. Wow, that sure showed him."
     -Jeanne, Final Fantasy VIII Part 5

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Suikoden IV Part 4

The latest Suikoden IV recap by Sam is now posted. In this recap, find out whether Sam’s Ritapon addiction is enough to make up for the overwhelming number of profile people she is forced to deal with. Plus, a scary cat village!

Also, Sam and I now have the first Phoenix Wright game on our iPads, which means no more wrestling with digital cameras in order to get mediocre screenshots. We’ve spent the last week redoing all the screenshots for the existing Phoenix Wright recaps, and Sam has added captions to the formerly captionless Part 4. Yes, this means that we were forced to replay all those cases. Just to add an extra punch in the nuts, I had to play through the first day of Case 3 twice because I forgot to take screenshots the first time. That case is the bane of my existence. Fuck the Steel Samurai.

Last but not least, I originally screwed up when uploading the screenshots for the latest Xenosaga recap, but they should all be working now.

Posted by Jeanne at 21:12


Happy 10th Birthday!

Holy shit, you guys — VGR is ten years old. That’s a big, round, RPG-worthy number.

I have to leave for work soon, so that’s going to be my excuse for not writing a novel length gushy post here. Sure, I could have written it in advance, but — hey, look over there!

Anyway, thanks so much to Sam, Ben, and Ryan for all their awesome recaps this year. I’m so grateful to their many years of contributions to the site.

Thanks also to those of you who are still reading.

And last, but certainly not least…new recaps!

Wild ARMs 3 Part 2 by Ben
Xenosaga Part 13 by Sam

Congratulations to Sam for finishing the Xenosaga recap! I can’t even imagine what an ordeal that must have been, but it was an enjoyable ordeal for the rest of us, so hooray!

Posted by Jeanne at 09:07


Xenosaga Part 12

Sam suffered through 11 mofoing hours of Xenosaga in order to bring you the latest recap. If that weren’t torture enough, the recap includes that scene. Yeah, you know which one I’m talking about. Don’t let Sam’s sacrifice be in vain — go read the recap already.

Also, as a bonus, here’s the exchange that took place after Sam sent me the magnum-sized recap:

Sam: I apologize in advance for how motherfucking long it is.
Jeanne: That’s what Phoenix said.
Sam: Phoenix would never have to apologize for THAT, though.

Posted by Jeanne at 17:15

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