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"Harry proceeds from classroom to classroom, as nonchalant and unmoved as ever about this sudden change in circumstances, which frightens me just as much or maybe even more than Darkside!Baby Stabbykins, his relatives, and creepy-crawly pets that await me out in the halls. I mean, honestly, who gets up in the morning, crashes their Jeep into the side of a mountain road, loses their daughter to an unseen evil force, and get sucked into a hideous mirror-image netherworld without at least a good crying jag or maybe a few good rounds of cursing? Do they put thorazine in the water back home, Harry? If so, can I have some? C'mon, share up. I've been dealing with people under three feet high longer in this damned recap than I do in real life. What about my needs, you selfish fuck?"
     -Kelly, Silent Hill Part 2

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Suikoden Part 12

FINALLY!!!!!! Seriously, this recap draft has been sitting on my hard drive for a year and a half. But here you go: Suikoden Part 12. As of this writing, all five of the most recent recaps are from within the last month, give or take a day. That’s a serious achievement, and it’s mostly thanks to Sam’s crazy recapping streak. Hooray!

Now, time to go recap some gay lawyers…

Posted by Jeanne at 17:49


Happy 8th Birthday!

It’s that time of year again! Now, I know I didn’t deliver on a lot of my promises from a year ago, and I apologize for that. I really wanted to get that site redesign done, but that just didn’t happen.

This year, I am making no promises and no goals for the site. I am still very invested in keeping the site going and creating as much new content as I can — rest assured that even though the updates are not as frequent as in the past, I am not bored with recapping. I still want to get caught up on my neglected recaps and I still want to redesign the site. If I get around to that, cool. If not, I won’t look like a huge jackass for making promises I didn’t keep.

So now that the bad stuff is out of the way, it’s time for the good stuff. Thanks again to everyone who is still around even though I’m slow with the updates. Thanks to the other recappers, even those of you who have unfortunately disappeared off the face of the internet (I miss you guys!). Thanks to everyone who has sent me supportive e-mails, who has commented on the site, and who has helped me out with Quick Quotes.

I have one recap for you today. It’s a short one, but size doesn’t matter, right? Not unless you’re in a gay fanfic, anyway. So enjoy Suikoden Part 11. Stay tuned for Part 12 in the near future.

Holy shit, I can’t believe this site is eight years old!

Posted by Jeanne at 00:00

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