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"You know, it's hardly fair for one character to be able to shower the enemies in a barrage of arrows, poison them all with a billowing cloud of noxious smoke, or confuse them with a loud blast of noise -- the last one's still a bit of a mystery to me -- but man, he certainly tears through the oncoming hordes of Hornets, Frowny-faced Slugs, and One-eyed Bug Things like Cronabe on an endangered wildlife preserve, and I find it particularly refreshing. Y'all just got PWNED by a girly-man with a glorified megaphone!"
     -Ryan, Final Fantasy VI Part 2

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Posts Tagged ‘site anniversary’


Happy 12th Birthday!

We made it! It’s finally here — VGR’s golden birthday! Now the site is officially as old as the sad 12-year-old recappers who write for it!

Thanks so much to my fellow recappers who have done such a fantastic job this year. Sam and Ben have done the brunt of the recapping work, and they are awesome. Speaking of which, they each have contributed a recap for the anniversary:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Part 11 by Sam finishes up the first Anal Attorney game! Plus, it breaks the record for longest recap on the site. Seriously, look at it.

Final Fantasy IV Part 5 by Ben continues the poorly-translated adventures of the most resilient cast ever. These fuckers just don’t stay dead.

As for the site redesign, it is well underway, but isn’t quite ready yet. I’ve been toiling away, coding WordPress like a motherfuck PLUS transferring all 271 recaps into the system. I’m targeting this summer, barring any unforeseen issues. So stay tuned for that!

Thanks again for reading, and for continuing to support the site!

Posted by Jeanne at 09:21


Happy 10th Birthday!

Holy shit, you guys — VGR is ten years old. That’s a big, round, RPG-worthy number.

I have to leave for work soon, so that’s going to be my excuse for not writing a novel length gushy post here. Sure, I could have written it in advance, but — hey, look over there!

Anyway, thanks so much to Sam, Ben, and Ryan for all their awesome recaps this year. I’m so grateful to their many years of contributions to the site.

Thanks also to those of you who are still reading.

And last, but certainly not least…new recaps!

Wild ARMs 3 Part 2 by Ben
Xenosaga Part 13 by Sam

Congratulations to Sam for finishing the Xenosaga recap! I can’t even imagine what an ordeal that must have been, but it was an enjoyable ordeal for the rest of us, so hooray!

Posted by Jeanne at 09:07


Happy 9th Birthday!

Hello again, everyone. Why yes, this is an actual new post. I have not, as you may have possibly suspected, been abducted and murdered by angry Cloud-loving fanboys or people who hate penises (or love them, but are afraid of how much they love them).

What I’m trying to say is, I know I’ve been absent for a very long time. And there is a real reason for it this time. So here’s the deal — last summer I finally got myself a full-time job. And this is a very, very good thing. It’s also a very, very tiring thing. For the first few months, I barely had enough energy to play video games, let alone try to come up with jokes about them that involve penises.

I’m still working on the whole work/life balance thing, trying to find time for all my hobbies that I didn’t have time for before I got the job. I wish I had some new content to post for the anniversary, but that didn’t happen. And lest you think the other recappers are lazy pieces of crap, I will point out that they also have their plates more than full right now.

But enough of that! VGR is nine years old! Hooray! All our old content is still there to read and enjoy, even if the new content has been…sparse. Thanks again to everyone for reading and contributing.

At the very least, I’ll post again at our tenth anniversary…

Posted by Jeanne at 18:53


Happy 8th Birthday!

It’s that time of year again! Now, I know I didn’t deliver on a lot of my promises from a year ago, and I apologize for that. I really wanted to get that site redesign done, but that just didn’t happen.

This year, I am making no promises and no goals for the site. I am still very invested in keeping the site going and creating as much new content as I can — rest assured that even though the updates are not as frequent as in the past, I am not bored with recapping. I still want to get caught up on my neglected recaps and I still want to redesign the site. If I get around to that, cool. If not, I won’t look like a huge jackass for making promises I didn’t keep.

So now that the bad stuff is out of the way, it’s time for the good stuff. Thanks again to everyone who is still around even though I’m slow with the updates. Thanks to the other recappers, even those of you who have unfortunately disappeared off the face of the internet (I miss you guys!). Thanks to everyone who has sent me supportive e-mails, who has commented on the site, and who has helped me out with Quick Quotes.

I have one recap for you today. It’s a short one, but size doesn’t matter, right? Not unless you’re in a gay fanfic, anyway. So enjoy Suikoden Part 11. Stay tuned for Part 12 in the near future.

Holy shit, I can’t believe this site is eight years old!

Posted by Jeanne at 00:00


Happy 7th Birthday!

Yay, the actual post is finally here! I apologize for the delay, but hopefully these birthday/anniversary goodies will make up for it.

First of all, there’s another Eternal Darkness recap, this one starring a lovelorn homosexual pageboy. In most games, the gay hero nonconsensually ends up paired with an icky girl, so you’ll be happy to know that this game only subjects the gay hero to a painful zombification spell. Baby steps.

Quartz Falcon has also provided us with another Recap Retrospective, this one a look back at Final Fantasy X and the “infamous” blitzball game. Good times, good times. And by “good” I’m referring to QF’s retrospective, and not the experience of recapping Tidus.

That brings us to the other announcements that I promised in my last post. I’d like to thank everyone who has continued to read the site in spite of the, er, less than regular updates over the past couple of years. As you may have noticed, I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into updating all of my recaps recently. Well, I am happy to announce that this year, I am going forward with a much-needed site redesign. This will involve both an improvement to the look of the site and a reorganization of the site content.

Also, I have set a personal goal of updating all of my pending recaps in 2009. Already I have three down, with only six more to go. I’m not counting tag team recaps here — just my individual ones.

I can’t speak for the other recappers, but I’m hoping they will be willing to help support the site by providing even more delicious recapping goodness for all of us. I am so grateful for the time they put in, year after year, and they do it all for free. I’m not even blackmailing them or anything.

So stay tuned for a better-looking site, more frequent recaps and blog posts, and more penis jokes than you can handle! I mean it this time!

(Also, if you visited the site before this update, you might have noticed that I mentioned something about another Recapper Roleplay. I don’t have the new one ready yet, but rest assured that I have more than one in the pipeline. That is not a euphemism. Stay tuned (again)!)

Posted by Jeanne at 00:12

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