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"The screen pans up to show the time change from pleasant afternoon to sunset in the space of five seconds, complete with crappy-looking squawking birds flying across the horizon. Hell, by the time I've finished this paragraph, it'll probably be midnight in BoF Bizarro Time. As if we (and Alf) can't figure the time of evening out for ourselves, Teepo 'helpfully' remarks: 'Hey, it's getting dark...' Yeah, and water is wet, the Pope is Catholic, and Tidus is a wanker. We all know those things, too, and Alf may be mute, but he isn't blind. Got that?"
     -Ben, Breath of Fire III Part 2

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Blog Time!

Welcome to the new version of VGR! I’ve done what I should have done a long time ago. No, not suicide. I turned the front page into a blog. Now, why did I do that? To put it simply: more frequent updates. The recaps take time to write and edit and all that, whereas blog posts are a lot less…massive. I want to keep the site alive, and even when I bust my ass to get recaps done, that’s only going to happen every few weeks at the very least. Also, the other recappers and I play a lot of games. Most of these don’t get recapped, but still deserve our snarky treatment. Sure, we could post that crap on the forums or online journals, but why do that when we can post it on the front page of VGR?

I’ve done my best to make the look of the blog fit the look of the site, but my apologies if some of my outdated HTML looks like shite in your browser. That will (hopefully) change during the next site redesign, but till then, just try to cope.

You might have noticed that I have commenting turned on, with registration open to everyone. However, I also have it set so that you will need your first comment approved before it shows up on the site. This should only happen with your very first comment. I am hoping that everyone can act like a decent human being and that I won’t be forced to turn on moderated comments for everyone. I know — this is very optimistic of me. I’m also not afraid to delete douchebaggy comments. This doesn’t mean that I’ll delete all comments that disagree with us, so don’t freak out. I’m talking about immature dipshits who go out of their way to troll blogs and generally act like asshats. If that’s not you, then you don’t have anything to worry about. Good? Good.

Oh, and forum accounts won’t work on the blog. You’ll have to register separately. Sorry for that inconvenience.

I think that’s all for now. It’s blog time!

Posted by Jeanne at 16:56

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