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"Seems the chocobos are going the way of the dodos now that the Al Bhed whore their spiffy machina hovers and sentry-bots all over the road. We'll soon find out there's a grass-roots movement to restore the chocobo to their former prominence with all the wanky, self-important posturing that you might expect from a bootstrap environmental movement and its granola-encrusted leader. But that also leads me to call the hovers 'hummers' since A. I can, B. it's topical and somewhat political, and C. it contains a penis reference. Penis!"
     -Kelly, Final Fantasy X-2 Part 3

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This has nothing at all to do with video games, or penises. I just think it’s really, really, REALLY cool, and not at all as disturbing as the version of Bohemian Rhapsody used in the cock train video.

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Posted by Kelly at 17:43

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