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"Junior tries to match their bouncing with his woefully inadequate jumping, but heartbreak awaits him as he falls again and again. Jump, fall. Jump, jump, fall. Jump, fall, jump, fall, jump, jump, jump, if-you-don't-make-it-this-time-you-uncoordinated-little-shit-I-swear-to-Yevon-I-will-brain-you-with-this-fucking-strategy-guide, fall. You can't hear me right now, but I'm slinging more Chinese curses than a Firefly crew member trying to get 'cocksucking son of a harlot and an ass-raping monkey' past the network censors."
     -Kelly, Kingdom Hearts Part 12

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A great take on a classic Muppets video!

Posted by Kelly at 09:35

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