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"The woman has two almost floor-length red braids, and is wearing some kind of blue scholar's cap. A matching blue robe complements the strange headpiece, and there are long feather-like things protruding from near her ears. Or maybe they are actually her isn't conveyed very clearly in the sprite graphics (nor is the fact that the woman is half-bunny). Yeah, she looks...interesting. But I won't rag on her too much, as she's kind of cute (not like that). Also, she's the only playable character so far with an IQ exceeding single figures, which is a big plus."
     -Ben, Breath of Fire III Part 4

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Monday Linkspam

Fans of both gay lawyers and golf (and, come on, when it’s phrased as such, who isn’t a fan?) finally get a chance to get their fix: the new We Love Golf! game from Capcom has some pretty interesting alternate costumes for its golfers.

Picture of browser-stretching proportions after the jump: (more…)

Posted by Ryan at 11:45

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