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"Paine sits primly, legs crossed, on the banister and slides down to meet Rikku. Wow, I really didn't intend the lesbian innuendo. Honest."
     -Sam, Final Fantasy X-2 Part 1

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Recapper Roleplay

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the recappers themselves were game characters and kept diaries of the crazy, snarkworthy worlds around them? Or if your favorite game characters wrote about their adventures in a blog?

Wonder no more!

We’re trying out a new feature on the site which I have tentatively titled “Recapper Roleplay.” This has none of the sick connotations that probably just popped into your pervy minds. The first installment will feature Jeanne Recapiere, a character in the game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, who just happens to be the daughter of a once-famous recapping family. Will she fulfill her goal of restoring her family’s name and becoming a famous recapper? Or does fate have other plans for her?

Find out soon!

Posted by Jeanne

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