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"To cope with the grief that consumes me after learning that neither Ben nor I will ever get the past hours of our lives back, I make Alf sniff out Loki, the jackass responsible for this whole thing, hoping against all hope that I can rip his head off and flog him with his spinal cord. Or at least shoot him a withering glare. I'll take what I can get at this point."
     -Ryan, Breath of Fire III Part 3

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The Slacker Returns

Ugh. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhh…

Okay, let’s not tiptoe around the big Tidus in the room. I know, I know. It’s been way too long — again! — since an update. Newsflash! I still suck.

But there is some good news buried inside this giant steaming pile of procrastination. In the month of November, instead of participating in NaNoWriMo in the traditional sense, I used that time to write 50,000 words of recaps. So it was more of a NaReWriMo, really. So how many recaps does 50,000 words make? Well, I wrote three full recap installments (Tales of Symphonia, Suikoden, and Skies of Arcadia), each of which is more than long enough to split in half. Technically, that’s six recaps. You read that right: I have six recap drafts completely written. You’d better believe I’m going to be parceling those fuckers out and buying myself some more recapping time.

I still need to go through and do screenshots and editing, but those don’t take anywhere near as long as the actual recap writing process. So sometime before Christmas, look for the first of six new recaps. Six! (Yes, that means I wrote six recaps in a single month. For the love of God, don’t make me do that again.)


Posted by Jeanne

8 Responses to “The Slacker Returns”

  1. MintWhelp Says:

    Jeanne, as fan of your site, I highly applaud your titanic efforts, and hope you didn’t suffer too much through your recapping and writing processes.

  2. Muggs Says:

    God damn. You rock, Jeanne! Really look forward to reading the new recaps (even if they did almost kill you). I’m sure they’ll be awesome!

  3. L.A. Says:


    This is my first post on VGR, but I have been lurking around VGR for more than a year now reading and re-reading the recaps. Just wanted to let you know that your recapping efforts are much appreciated by the silent lurkers out there, and WOOT!!! for new recaps!

  4. TheMotleyFool Says:

    Fantastic times! I was afraid that you’d fallen down a plot-hole whilst recapping!

  5. Vincent Valentine Says:

    What an awesome Christmas/Birthday present!

    I now realise I need to read through all of the Suikoden, Skies of Arcadia and Tales of Symphonia recaps so I am refreshed for the new ones.

  6. AirAce Says:

    That is awesome! I look forward to reading them. I promise not to be a douche bag >.> really ^.^

  7. SCRegnir Says:

    I… Love…. You…. Thanks in advance, ESPECIALLY for the Skies of Arcadia recap. I can’t wait!

  8. Orichalcon Says:

    You’re awesome, Jeanne! I’m amazed by your efforts that go into this site. I just finished rereading the Final Fantasy VII recaps last week. Looking forward to some fresh material.

    Out of interest, are the other recappers still involved in the site, or has it died down a lot? Would you look at taking fresh recappers on-board?

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