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"'Wouldn't want your little girl to cry.' Again, this seems like a rather strange warning to a guy who is going to die. 'Yeah, she's a wussy little whiner,' Braska agrees. Right. Of course you know that he mentions just how strong Yuna is, just like her Al Bhed mom was before she died tragically or whatever the hell happened to her since we never fucking find that out."
     -Jeanne, Final Fantasy X Part 21

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8-Bit Trip

Excuse me, I think I’ll be over here in the corner, having multiple nerdgasms.

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Posted by Kelly

5 Responses to “8-Bit Trip”

  1. T_C Says:

    I’m glad to see an update. I was a little sad to see there were not a lot after I came to one of my old favorites, I just started playing FF7 and wanted to read along with the recap while I play the game. Keep up the good work I’m still reading!

  2. MintWhelp Says:

    Holy… Gotta respectr the time invested on that!

  3. AirAce Says:

    That was awesome! Timelapse is art in motion.

  4. Natalia Says:

    That. Was. Beautiful. T_T <3
    I’m so glad for an update too~!

  5. leathaface Says:

    Love how one of the tags label it “nerd pr0n”.

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