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"Once Marvy is cut away, Katarina murmurs to herself, 'I never imagined that we would lose you like this...' I think there's some sort of reverse psychology going on here. Marvy was perfectly trustworthy, had a good relationship with Scruffy and was loved by everyone. Slowe got punched around by Scruffy, had no one's trust and was a wimpy, moaning, bitching brat. Was everyone so quick to believe that Marvy did it simply because he was so undeserving of suspicion? The sweet kid who just snaps one day? I feel like I'm stuck in a Law & Order rerun."
     -Sam, Suikoden IV Part 2

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8-Bit Trip

Excuse me, I think I’ll be over here in the corner, having multiple nerdgasms.

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Posted by Kelly

5 Responses to “8-Bit Trip”

  1. T_C Says:

    I’m glad to see an update. I was a little sad to see there were not a lot after I came to one of my old favorites, I just started playing FF7 and wanted to read along with the recap while I play the game. Keep up the good work I’m still reading!

  2. MintWhelp Says:

    Holy… Gotta respectr the time invested on that!

  3. AirAce Says:

    That was awesome! Timelapse is art in motion.

  4. Natalia Says:

    That. Was. Beautiful. T_T <3
    I’m so glad for an update too~!

  5. leathaface Says:

    Love how one of the tags label it “nerd pr0n”.

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