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"Since chocobos don't run into random battles, the fact that I get lost on the way to the Marshes really doesn't hurt me too badly. Except for the fact that the Marshes are right next to the stupid chocobo farm, so I'd have to be an idiot to get lost. Don't mind me."
     -Jeanne, Final Fantasy VII Part 8

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Happy New Year!

(Quick note: I just did a spam purge, and may have lost some non-spam comments in the process. If your comment was lost, I apologize!)

Hope you all have had a nice holiday, and received all the PSN outage time your hearts desired.

After some holiday time of my own with no opportunity to write anything, there should be some new recaps soon. In the meantime, consider this an open thread to talk about anything you’ve been playing lately.What is the deal with that Varric guy in Dragon Age having to expose his chest all the time?


*wolf whistles*



Posted by Sam

25 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    Happy 2015, VGR. Thanks for another year of hilarious recaps and all the hard work (and liver damage via the required heavy drinking) that they entailed.

    I’ve been making my way through Twilight Princess recently, for the very first time. I’m kinda mixed on it (it’s my 3rd 3D Zelda thus far – I got Skyward Sword for Christmas, and I’m buying Majora’s Mask 3D next year). Hyrule is really pretty despite taking fucking forever to get across, and the dungeons are pretty fun (just about to start the Temple of Time), but the Rupee system sucks ass, and the Twilight/Tears of Light parts kinda bored me senseless. Loved the music/atmosphere of the Twilight zone, though. And fuck the horseback escort segment. Telma’s lucky I like her. Not a bad game so far, but Wind Wanker’s gonna be a hard (eh heh heh) act to follow. On the other hand, Twilight Princess has Malo, who’s so creepy and such a blunt asshole that he’s become one of the best Zelda NPCs ever.

    (Also, I think that redheaded dude in her group, and the asshole who runs the STAR game, are kinda hot. Also, this game eventually gave us Postman Link in Hyrule Warriors, which is hilarious.)

    Also been trying out Yoshi’s New Island, while on break from Captain Toad, which is adorable. YNI is… surprisingly not as bad as I’d been hearing, so far. At least, halfway into World 2, and it’s fairly decent. Love the backgrounds. Not up to the original’s standards, some stupid decisions were made, but overall, decent. Can’t wait for Yoshi’s Woolly World, though. That looks pretty fantastic. And Story of Seasons!

    As a final note: Can’t wait to play Smash U and pit Fanservice Shulk against Pit and Dark Pit. There isn’t a mud wrestling stage, is there?

  2. Cat Says:

    Can’t talk about Dragon Age or this dude, since I don’t play it.

    Happy New Year’s, VGR.

    I’ve been playing Rune Factory 4, entertaining as other RF games and feels like a barely upgraded version of RF3 (I STILL don’t get why they changed it so that you need to use a tool to pick up Bamboo Shoots), though it gives me desire to play RF2, which I am doing on the side.

    Also, repeatedly making new playthroughs in Harvest Moon A New Beginning.

    I have Mario Kart 8, got it for my birthday six months ago, but lack of a WiiU makes it difficult to play it. But I might purchase a used WiiU soon. Then I will get Hyrule Warriors. (Will people burn me if I say I have no interest in the WiiU/3DS Smash Bros games? The thing that totally broke my deal on it is that Ghirahim is not a playable character – I’ll just go back to Melee)

  3. Xyrafhoan Says:

    I am completely okay with Rune Factory 4 being Reuse Factory 4. 3 was an excellent game so the fact that 4 is more of that except I can be a lady who woos the boys (including same-voice-as-Phoenix-Wright-girly-prince) is all I could ever ask for. That said the final dungeon is HARD… very, very hard. Whew. They got super lazy with the music, but they brought back all the best tunes from the other games so that’s not too bad.

    I’m playing… urgh… Tomodachi Life. I’m just having way too much with OC and OTP shipping island. It’s so utterly pointless but I turn it on almost every day to check up on things.

    As for actual games, I’m pretty much glued to Smash Bros. I want to clear the challenge board on the 3DS version but I doubt I will ever clear everything in the Wii U version. It’s not quite as brutal as Brawl (I’m never going to beat Boss Rush on intense) but it’s still hard.

    Tales of Xillia 2 is good stuff but somehow I keep getting pulled away. I’m near the end though. It’s a very love-hate game as it throws aside characters to shine the light on Ludger and Elle, but I’m enjoying their dynamic more than I have other Tales protagonists because for once it’s dared to do something a little different. I personally feel it’s a better outing than the first Xillia, and the plot is like twenty times better than Graces. Actually the only redeeming factor of Graces f is that it was my favourite battle system and their handling of titles was the best, so things for the Tales series plot-wise is on the upswing if you ask me.

  4. Sam Says:

    Also, I think that redheaded dude in her group, and the asshole who runs the STAR game, are kinda hot.

    Not wrong.

  5. Cat Says:

    Yeah, I found Graces’ battle system okay, and the story was definitely the worst I have encountered in a Tales Of game I have played to date. And the characters were the dumbest, too! (Seriously… constantly it’s “Richard didn’t change!” and this said by the guy who ran away from home and did not have ANY contact with any of his “best friends” for seven years… HE will be the one who knows them best, of course. Even better than they know themselves! Also, Cheria is the worst character in the entire series to date for me)

    I also began playing Tokimeki Memorial 4 – I ordered it before new year’s and it was gonna arrive later this week, but it arrived last week~ Horray! And I enjoy it. Haven’t played a “boy version” of the game since the Super Nintendo version (I mostly played the Girl’s Side games cause the boy version ones are difficult to get a hold of) and I had to re-learn things, including getting a grip on the new features. From what I’ve seen of the girls up to now, they are pretty standard and the game is like a HEAVY attempt to go somewhat back to its roots, cause apparently TokiMemo 3 failed terribly.

  6. demidaemon Says:

    As for me, I continue leveling my Pokémon in X & Y, as it has taken hold of me for life and I must have a level 100 Magikarp for some reason. Additionally, I have been testing my patience by playing Castlevania 3 and Super Mario Bros 3, my affinity for going through the same map over and over again in One Piece: Romance dawn, and am looking forward to replaying Suikoden 2 on my PSP as well as getting into Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright. I am also weighing the pros and cons of purchasing the Phoenix Wright trilogy.

  7. Robyn Says:

    Playing Hearts R on the Vita TV, since I caved and got one on the cheap. I’m not very far in though, mostly because Dragon Age Inquisition came out a week after I got it and, well, fuck yeah Dragon Age. I just finished the game though, so maybe I’ll go back to Hearts R.

    Also, Suikoden II, for the 34957349587345th time, because it hit PSN and even though I made an .iso from my physical copy to play on my PC, I’d missed playing on a console. Crying over [SPOILERS] once again because all aboard the feels train as usual. Damn you Clive.

  8. Ben Says:

    *checks date* It’s still acceptable to say Happy New Year, right? Anyway, my personal New Year’s Resolution is to drop by more often and recap more!

    Ugh, I wanted to download Suikoden II (my physical copy is starting to give up the ghost) but it isn’t up on the European PSN yet and apparently Konami’s idea of a release date is “sometime this month”. Thanks, guys!

    In the meantime, I’ve been playing Dragon Age (as well as replaying the previous games to get myself up to speed). Yeah, Varric’s chest (and its hair) has pretty much had its own fandom ever since DA2. Fanfics have actually been written about a character’s chest hair. Take a moment to digest that.

    Sam, Inquisition is my personal Game of 2014, so I’m eager to hear your thoughts on it (and most importantly, whether you’ve recruited Dorian yet <3).

  9. demidaemon Says:

    The chest hair fanfics are disturbing and weird, but nothing can trump the existence of the manga with the talking penises. TALKING. PENISES. My brain revolts just at the thought of its existence.

  10. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    Talking dicks? That makes me think of the comic I saw where a guy tells a girl, “You have to get out of here! Your vagina is haunted!“, and I’m just now realizing and lamenting that there seem to be no known games which use that as a plot point.

  11. Cat Says:

    Talking schlongs and haunted vaggies? That… just sounds weird. And I’m playing Catherine right now, with its sheep theme and everyone cheating on everyone (it’s kind of a plot point) and… BLOCK PUZZLES!! YES! The actual big part of the gameplay of Catherine is BLOCK PUZZLES! And YES, Stage 5 (which I am getting to…) is ICE. BLOCKS. ON ICE. Aaaaaaaaargh!! I fucking hate block puzzles. Them being on ice is just another layer of shit-fest.

  12. demidaemon Says:

    Cat, you just named the number one reason why I always look at Catherine when I am in a game store, glance at it, think about it, then say “No thanks.”

    Byb the way, that talking schlong manga? It’s also yaoi, just for that extra dose of WTF. I also think Squall might want to use that “haunted vagina” trick on Rinoa, with an added line of, “I also like Seifer’s dick.”

  13. Sam Says:

    Ben, I haven’t actually started playing it yet, and am trying not to watch the husband play too much so I don’t ruin it for myself. But his chosen sexual conquest is the prudish librarian lady, and I was so deeply bored by this that he went and hit on the Iron Bull just to placate me. I am eager to get into it, though.

    I’ve actually been terrible on the gaming front, and have been catching up on books and anime lately (super late to the party on Psycho Pass). Speaking of, I just watched this trailer and am now in heaven.

  14. Cat Says:

    Yaoi doesn’t bother me, honestly. It’s just I’d have difficulty finding anything somehow erotic or good with… talking dicks. If it’s meant to be comedy, okay, but…

    Also, horray for the internet! That really is the only reason I am getting anywhere in Catherine. You know, the story and mechanics are kinda neat, the revelation is a bit on the dumb side… but the block puzzles just kill it for me. I will play it though to get all endings…

  15. demidaemon Says:

    Yaoi doesn’t bother me either, but, in this manga, the penises talk to each other. I think it’s meant to be comedic, but it’s just weird.

    Indeed. Gamefaqs has helped me on many an occasion–I don’t ever go on the forums over there and hate myself everytime I do go to the forums of mmo-champion.

  16. Cat Says:

    GameFaqs was unfortunately not too helpful. I guess explaining a 3D puzzle environment in 2D written format is… difficult to make comprehensible. So YouTube as been my friend with this. The idea is good, but why exactly puzzles…

    Also restarted anew in Rune Factory 4 cause I got bored and now am playing as the dude (I find all the potential spouses in RF4 to be highly boring and forgettable though I think the girls are a tiny bit better) and I’m thinking of rebuying Rune Factory Frontier… although… the runey system…

  17. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    On a slightly different topic, Tingle is now a DLC character in Hyrule Warriors. What say you, VGR? Personally, I find it hilarious (although I had a feeling he’d get in somehow. Japan loves that motherfucker).

  18. Cat Says:

    I was already wondering why the hell they brought ILIA in as a character (I mean… come on. She did nothing but look around and have no memory – which incidentally is when she had MORE personality than before. AND I was forced into a damn “romantic” scene with her…) so mayb she was a fore-taste for Tingle.

  19. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    I dunno, at least Tingle’s creepy and hilarious. Ilia’s just kind of bland. Really, her best parts are when she refers to the horse by name, and only if you give it a hilarious name (Such as in my game, she says, “I washed My clit for you”). I’d have preferred Telma or Malo to be in HW over her. Especially if Malo can make all the enemies do the Malo Mart dance or something, complete with music.

    Speaking of bland characters, I’m re-playing Suikoden IV for the first time in… years. Mostly because I just re-beat II and didn’t wanna over-indulge on great Suikoden games by chasing it with V. I’ve gotta say, it’s a good thing Marvy’s got that ass, because… least-inspiring Tenkai Star ever. Jesus, even Thomas has more appeal than him.

  20. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    (Also, a small aside: I’d forgotten about Marvy’s ever-lasting bitchface. It’s pretty hilarious. I don’t think even Luc ever looked that surly.)

  21. demidaemon Says:

    I, too, am replaying a Suikoden: Tierkresis, which I unabashedly love, despite its ear-curdling voice-acting. I can’t believe I forgot how many possible (and likely) boyfriends the MC in that game, though I personally prefer Hero x Roberto. Additionally, it probably has the best art and one of the hottest casts of all the Suikodens. Let’s just say there is a lot of chest action and it’s not the women’s chests, for once.

  22. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    I need to pick Tierkreis back up again someday. I only got a tiny ways into the beginning and really couldn’t get into it… and it wasn’t even so much that it’s not enough like other Suikodens (I don’t mind gameplay changes if they’re good and fun), but I didn’t care much for the setup. But I may be cranky.

    But given the pleasing selection of hero boyfriends in IV and V, Tierkreis having even better prospects sounds pretty tempting. Do you get an HQ to build up, at least?

  23. demidaemon Says:

    Yep. Really, the only differences is that there are no runes (you assign spells that are acquired throughout the story), and it uses a more traditional equipment system in regards to weapons. Otherwise, it pretty much is like every other Suikoden.

  24. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    Hmm. Maybe I SHOULD give it a fair shake after all, then…

    Also, speaking of Suikoden, I just now realized that in III, Apple bears a rather striking resemblance to Meg Griffin, at least facially.

    “Shu, please lend us y-”

    “Shut up, Meg.”

  25. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    And yes, I did use “Apple” and “facial” in the same sentence. Kinda.

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