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"Uplifting Orchestral Interlude in A Major accompanies a dramatic shot of a canyon the size of Tidus's ego. The walls are white and majestic, and would make a fabulous backdrop to a shot of Mary Sue falling to her death."
     -Jeanne, Grandia II Part 3

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Layton vs. Wright Open Thread

We’re gonna have a lot to say about this game at some point, but for now here’s an open thread so we can talk about it and to pass the time until I’m done with this goddamn double recap.

I have three main thoughts so far:

1) Every name in this game is fucking terrible (CARMINE ACCIDENTI!!!!!);

2) This is basically the plot of Fushigi Yuugi; 


3) Phoenix borrowed Edgeworth’s neck pillow.

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Posted by Sam

13 Responses to “Layton vs. Wright Open Thread”

  1. Cat Says:

    Of course Phoenix borrowed Edgey’s pillow.

    As for PW vs PL, eh, not on my radar, really. But if you call it like Fushigi Yuugi, does this mean there’ll be tons of hot guys? But they’ll all be gay… then again, given the screenshots and information I saw/read from people on another forum that I frequent and focus on the AA series, none of the guys look that good. (Even Phoenix is on the border of Meh)

  2. Sam Says:

    There are a couple hot dudes, but it’s a Layton game primarily, so it’s mostly ugly oddballs.

  3. TsuNoBa Says:

    First of all: I am incredibly pissed off that there’s no “skip dialogue” option. I missed a puzzle past the point of no return. After the game ended and I saved my game, I loaded that save (the one acknowledging the fact that I’ve gone through all of this already), and had to tap through endless dialogue to get to the puzzle, because the librarian didn’t get it. It was, without exaggeration, ten solid minutes of tapping.

    Also, Phoenix’s protests about how magic doesn’t exist during the first witch trial? It might hold a bit more weight if his assistant wasn’t a spirit medium.

    The classic Layton Plot Twist is still getting to me, mainly because the amount of work for the Godoor spell is absurd. I don’t know if it’s better or worse than the “The Future is Underground!” (even though you can see the damn sky) plot twist of the third PL game.

    Weirdly, I still liked the game. And it even had something that I felt the last two Phoenix Wright games were missing: Having Maya be accused of murder.

  4. ryoko126 Says:

    At least from what I understand, they keep Phoenix fairly humorous. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to play it, but I have a friend that pretty much play-by-played one of the cases and I must say… The judge is still an idiot.

  5. Cat Says:

    @ryoko: That reminds me, someone said that Layton pretty much overshadows Nick in the game. (Or was it the other way around?) Always figuring things out, always having the spotlight on him and the other is just “Oh wow! You’re so cool!” Or something.

  6. Sam Says:

    I’m still only in chapter 3 but I definitely think it’s a Layton star vehicle that Phoenix was just invited to. (It is Level 5, so that’s really to be expected, but still.)

  7. demidaemon Says:

    I know this is off topic, but has anyone seen the new trailer for the Persona 4 dance game? The gayness level might actually top that of every Suikoden and Zelda game combined.

  8. Lord-Derpface Says:

    They’re making a Persona dancing game? Isn’t Persona a dating/high school life simulator that ocassionally turns into an RPG? So… I guess it’s not that random by the series established standards. Nothing will top the Final Fantasy rhythm game that was a sequel to a Final Fantasy fighting game in terms of being random and having no business existing. NOTHING.

    But I guess it’s not about it making sense. It’s about it being gay. Which it is. It oh so very is. Although, it might be a biiiit of a stretch to say it’s gayer than every Suikoden and Zelda game combined. Because that is a lot of gay we’re talking about. We might have to break out the gayometers to determine the exact level of gayness.

  9. demidaemon Says:

    Well, as Ben has noticed, there is already an inherently high gay content in Persona 4 all by it self. Add dancing, rainbows, and J-Pop, and you are definitely hitting high on the gay scale. I’m starting to feel as if this is something that needs to be on the VGR Wiki, like the Kinsey scale of videogame gayness.

  10. Cat Says:

    Derpface, Theatrhythm (and its sequel Curtain Call) are cool games. They give you what they promised – which is more than I can say from, say, Danganronpa. Although, FYI, Persona games are more RPGs, with only two of the currently out Numbered Persona games having dating sim elements of them. As for Dancing All Night, I having nothing against it or any love for it – we’ll see, I might buy it. Although I know I’m heavily biased for Persona 4. If it involves any kind of voice acting and it gets localized *knocks on wood for Germany to not be reamed in the ass by localization again* I sincerely hope they’ll have the Dual Audio option.
    Otherwise I’ll just import.

  11. Jeanne Says:


    I actually finished this game, and wow. While I had a blast playing it and I really liked the overall visual design (and music) of the game, the ending was really fucked up. And I’m wondering how in the hell it was even able to work. So people were hypnotized not to see the color black and thus couldn’t see all that machinery, but does that mean they couldn’t hear or feel it either? Didn’t anyone ever bump into that giant invisible bell tower at some point?

    And I have trouble explaining it all away as “Well, they’d just re-hypnotize anyone who stumbled across something they shouldn’t!” because that is just another way of saying “A wizard did it!” I’m still wondering how they got Phoenix and Maya to the town anyway. The two of them “disappeared into the book” from the courtroom lobby — how could this even happen?

    Also, I thought the exact same thing re: Maya being a spirit medium. Layton seemed to accept the premise of magic a lot easier than Phoenix, which didn’t make a lot of sense. I would have thought Layton would be the skeptical one.

    I thought the puzzles in this one were easy. This was confirmed when I picked up Miracle Mask right where I left off and the puzzles were noticeably harder and I felt dumb again.

    One last note — I’m sure Phoenix enjoyed all the “crossing swords” banter in the courtroom. Touching wieners!

  12. ryoko126 Says:

    Well since we know that someone has beaten it, I will say that my favorite line that I’m aware of is totally, “Phoenix Wright! Ace Baker!”

  13. TsuNoBa Says:

    Oh, yeah, the difficulty for the Layton puzzles was much lower. I think I only save scummed a couple times to get all picarats and keep all hint coins.

    Phoenix sections were refreshingly difficult, though, compared to Dual Destinies. Going for max picarats had me save scumming like crazy.


    Re: bumping into black things, I’m thinking that in addition to not seeing them, they were also told to not touch them.

    Maybe not so much “invisibility” inasmuch as instantly forgetting about it. Like an SEP field.

    Also, I want to say that when you’re presenting evidence as Layton in the final case, it is totally worth it to present the wrong evidence.

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