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"Chris doesn't like the idea of her so-called knight's apprentice doing maid's work, but Boy tells her it's no big deal. 'I am more comfortable doing this than training as a knight,' he says. Why do I suddenly have this image of Boy growing up to be Tony Danza on Who's the Boss?"
     -Sam, Suikoden III Part 4

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Suikoden II Part 17

Suikoden II Part 17 by Sam is now posted. This is where she actually finishes recruiting the rest of the so very essential portrait people for the Yaoi Army. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…


Posted by Jeanne

12 Responses to “Suikoden II Part 17”

  1. Lord-Derpface Says:

    Huh. Suikoden II. That’s a surprise. I was expecting a new FFX-2 recap next. This is fine too though.

    Hmm… Not sure if I want to read it right now though. I’m going to be perfectly honest; I haven’t actually beaten Suikoden II before. I got up to where the previous recap left off before, but for some reason, I have never played past that. I don’t want to find out what happens next before I actually play through myself. Maybe if it we were still in the middle of the game, I’d consider reading anyway, but since you apparently recruited all of the remaining Stars of Destiny in this recap, that must mean we’re close to the end of the game.

  2. MintWhelp Says:

    – Anyway. High Yo puts on his After School Special toque and tells her, “You’re wrong, Gyokuran! Cooking is about more than just technique!” Barry nods fervently behind him–technique is important but what matters is dick size heart and soul. And dick size. —

    I had read that as dick sauce, which, well, while full of protein, I would hope Barry would tell the people in advance about it.

  3. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    Hmm, you know, when I don’t want to read a recap, I just don’t, without making a big fanfare about it or saying what recap I expected to be reading instead. But that’s just me.

  4. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    Also, just finished the recap. Great stuff, as per usual… though it makes me think – the next part will likely be the last, won’t it? If memory serves, I don’t think there’s much more in the way of story and sidequests to cover since you got all the way up to Muse Redux Redux (Redux Redux, because seriously, I think the game forces you there more often than your own HQ).

    Also, you made me actually want to try using Simone and Vincent in my next playthrough. I’m trying new parties out anyway (including boring Hanna, and I’m not sure I even care enough to remember if her name is spelled all palindromey or not), so they’ll be a welcome and colorful addition to my party.

  5. demidaemon Says:

    I do love the Suikoden recaps. They are, quite possible the gayest games ever (though Legend of Twink and Anal Attorney are definite competitors!). Sam really went all out this time, especially with the screenshots. Again, hard to pick a particular quote, but I chose one from, quite possibly, the gayest scene ever: The Meeting of the Narcissists.

    “When Simone spills out of Barry’s rectal cavity, Vincent squeals, “! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Oh Simone!!!!! I was looking for you, Simone!!!” Jesus Christ. He is clearly still coming down from the high of performing the extended-cut scene where Hamlet and Horatio make out and the king’s ghost masturbates in the corner. (I would boot Karen and The Burnt Village Slow Jam Experience off the castle stage in a hot second to see this play.)”

    I think they should add this scene to every performance anf film version of Hamlet. I mean, really.

  6. Lord-Derpface Says:

    Well, I was just saying, Sam and Jeanne were talking about working on the FFX-2 recap in the comments a while back, so naturally, I was expecting an FFX-2 recap next.

    Also, I just said “screw it” and read the recap anyway. I couldn’t stay away. Good stuff and lots of laughs, as usual. I can’t really pick just one favorite part. I’m actually really sad that the Suikoden II recap might be coming to an end soon. It has been a truly magical and homoerotic experience. It’s hands down my favorite recap to read and reread, though followed closely by Wind Wanker.

  7. Sam Says:

    I’m glad you guys are enjoying it. And yes, we are close to the end, but I’d guess we have at least two recaps left, possibly three.

  8. Ben Says:

    Holy shit, how did I not notice Lucia’s condom hair until now?

    Awesome recap as always. I’m consistently amused by Teresa, Martyr-Poet of Greenhill, Apple’s uselessness, and the increasingly disgusting dishes cooked up by the Black Dragon Group. Seriously, these guys are supposed to be the most skilled chefs in the world, yet they’re offering vomtastic shit like spinach cake?

    It’s probably a good thing Barry recruited so many hotties in this recap, since he’s going to need distractions when…that thing happens. The thing I totally lied about not crying at.

  9. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    So, out of the blue, I’ve been really into Modern Family recently, and I just realized something:

    Cam is probably what would happen if Fitcher put on some weight and lived in the present day. Anyone else see it? I can certainly imagine Fitcher having the same womanly shriek.

  10. Cat Says:

    So, I gotta hijack this for a second. I’m recording a playthrough of Case 1-5 (also reading the recap on the side and I am so sad at what I’ll have to re-experience… hate this case) and after the first day in Court, I checked the luminol fluid bottle in the court record…

    Check where Ema has her name written on the bottom and the follow neat exchange happens.
    Phoenix: “Don’t tell me you take this with you everywhere you go…”
    Ema: “Well, you never know where someone may go down.”
    Heehee, go down. Also, I totally sprayed it all over Edgey’s office, too. Will spray it around Phoenix’ office as well when I get the next chance. (God forbid I’ll find the blood spot of where Mia died and the game has concistency…)

  11. Sam Says:

    Oh, Ema.

  12. Cat Says:

    Btw I checked, yes. There are no blood splurts anywhere in Phoenix’ office. Guess he must’ve used the same strength stuff that removes blood like Lana did. (Which, according to some people who researched it, CAN be done with certain strong chemicals… not that this makes case 1-5 any better)

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