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"'Monkey!' Rikku deduces -- about thirty seconds later than the rest of us -- after she sees a monkey jumping up and down near JAT!Goon. Or maybe she just filled in the blank for 'Rikku acts like a _____ with ADD.'"
     -Jeanne, Final Fantasy X-2 Part 5

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Summer gaming

Hoping to have a new recap finished before I go on vacation next week. In the meantime! How about an open thread about what you all are playing at the moment? Or about whatever you feel like talking about, in case anybody has another novel’s worth of comments about Final Fantasy VII in them(I kid. It was only a novella’s worth.)

As for me, I’ve been playing:

Mario Kart 8. Are you playing Mario Kart? You should really be playing Mario Kart.

Hearthstone. I do not recommend reading any forums about this game. The posts are a perfect distillation of the worst whining from both Magic and WoW players. It’s gruesome.

Sims 3. I don’t even know why, but I started a neighborhood of Game of Thrones characters. The Starks are basically the Duggars.


Posted by Sam

54 Responses to “Summer gaming”

  1. demidaemon Says:

    Personally, I’ve gotten back into Wow again (another one where you should avoid the forums at all costs. The levels of stupid and entitled are so great it causes mass rage)and Pokemon X (I am trying to get all the butterfly colors. It’s sad). Hoping to finish Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky and Super Paper Mario, both of which have been sitting, unfinished, for some time.

  2. Sam Says:

    It’s been about two months since I logged into WoW. I’m not avoiding it or anything, but I feel like I’ve been getting my Blizzard fix from Hearthstone. I do like WoW a lot more this way, though. It’s liberating to know I can log in any time I want, but I can go a couple months without playing and THE EARTH IS STILL ON ITS AXIS.

    Pokemon X is definitely on the menu for vacation time, since there may or may not be internet. And I still haven’t finished Layton. Ugh, the backlog.

  3. HeWhoSawTheDeep Says:

    I decided to reply the entire Ace Attorney series in preparation of Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright (I realize the game is non-canon and probably has very little to do with the main series, but I just really like playing Ace Attorney). Am in the middle of Bridge to the Turnabout currently.

    Not sure what the way spoilers are handled on this site is, but they’re gonna be in the text below.

    Something I was shocked to discover on this replay was that I am a massive fan of Justice for All. First of all this might be blasphemy, but Turnabout Big Top is really good. Max is one of my favourite defendants (can’t wait for the VGR take on him, btw. I expect many appearances of the word ‘gay’), I really, really enjoyed that the villain turned out to be not some sort of crazy insane “genius” planner who has a psychotic meltdown when his scheme is revealed. I also loved the setting and particularly loved the characters of Moe and Regina. I think they had great depth and compelling personalities rarely allowed of tertiary characters in the “filler” cases. I mean sure, Ben and Trilo were annoying as all f***, but name me one case without annoying characters. At any rate, they’re certainly no Lotta Hart. Just why this case is so despised really escapes me.

    I also think The Lost Turnabout is my favourite first case of the series (that or Turnabout Visitor. Eagerly anticipating the translation of Gyakuten Kenji 2, btw). The amnesia plot is contrived, but it’s very effective in its purpose of creating a reason why Phoenix needs to have all this stuff explained to him (though he’s so dumb, I would have accepted that he forgot) and it is cause for some humourous moments in court. I also really like Wellington as a start-of-the-game villain. His personality and mannerism cause me great elation and he’s just so much more appealing than someone like Frank Sahwit or Ted Tonate, but without upstaging the later villains in the game. And Maggey is just so damn adorable I enjoy her tremendously as a recurring character in the series, unlike say Lotta Hart. I swear in The Monstrous Turnabout when the photo of the yokai was entered into evidence in my head I was going “please God no”. Fortunately she did not return.

    However, my favourite case in the game is Reunion and Turnabout. I will say Bridge to the Turnabout is really, really good. However, RaT is in my opinion, the case in the series that best handles the spirit channelling nonsense. Possibly the only case that handles it properly. It’s used in a sense that relevant to the plot of the case and not just there for narrative purposes, it’s used in a sense that, were it not for the previous game, a healthy scepticism to the whole institution could be held. This is especially nice in regards to the court’s take on the whole matter. Mimi Miney is a great character to me. She’s a sympathetic villain with intellect (as far as the Ace Attorney world is concerned) and a dark edge that shines through occasionally. Morgan has satisfactory depth and sort of becomes a great hidden presence in the further development of Maya and Pearl’s plotlines. And speaking of, the case introduces Pearls and is therefore amazing in and off itself. <3 Pearl. Honestly they should have made her the female sidekick of Apollo Justice and just had her not be a spirit medium anymore.

    Again controversally, I think Farewell, My Turnabout is honestly my least favourite case of JFA. Plotwise it's great and I have appreciation for the case attempting to teach Phoenix a lesson he seriously needs to learn. I can't really blame the case for all the games that came after having Phoenix completely forget that lesson. Also, while I really like JFA, Franziska is a terrible character. Just dreadful. FMT is the only case where she is the slightest bit likeable because of the development she gets, so I can appreciate the case for that too. That ending scene between her and Edgeworth. Them feels! However I just really don't like the characters in the case. I actually liked Oldbag in Turnabout Samurai. I felt the game hit a right note on "funny annoying" with her. In FMT she's just annoying annoying. And so much annoying. Lotta Hart was never anything but annoying. Matt Engarde bores me as a character. De Killer does nothing for me and Will Power is a character I would not have minded not return. I like Andrews I guess, but even then I don't like her anywhere near as much as, say, Moe. I think it's a good case, I just don't think it's fantastic like the other three cases.

    I'm not sure if I like Justice for All enough to put it over Trials and Tribulations, but those two are definitely my favourite of the series, which I believe is a pretty rare opinion to have. Phew that was a huge wall of text. Sorry about that. Saw an opportunity to vent some of my feelings and I went for it. Sadly you guys were all the victim of said venting. Seriously if any of you read all that, I thank you. Whatcha all playing this summer? :)

  4. Sam Says:

    I too like Turnabout Big Top, because Max Galactica is just the best. Haters to the left.

    HOWEVAH. I have no idea why it’s unpopular in the fandom–to be honest I don’t engage much with the fandom–but it’s at least possible that it’s because the crime makes no goddamn sense at all. From a character motive perspective it’s fine, but it’s one of the most convoluted and illogical crimes in the series, and I say this after having diagrammed the entirety of Bruce Niceguy’s murder.

    I’m in the middle of Reunion and Turnabout for our pre-recap replay. Morgan is in fact pretty great.

  5. stoneliger Says:

    Speaking of Phoenix Wright…–miles-edgeworth-2-phoenix-wright–the-musical

  6. MintWhelp Says:

    Welp, as for me, I’m still playing Fire Emblem: Awakening, because, my OCD is telling me I gotta ship them all, SHIP THEM ALL. Even if eventually I’ll have to ship the “totally 100000 years old loli” character with the “I’m too old for this shit” mercenary… shudder.

    Playing a Martial Arts MMO, mainly because I’m a huge sucker for Martial Arts things. As usual, I suck at those games, but this one still keeps me hooked up.

    And, was going to play some old DS games, but found out that they aren’t compatible with anything except WEP password net connections.

  7. Xyrafhoan Says:

    Coincidentally, I am ALSO replaying Ace Attorney! Admittedly I moved onto Justice For All without playing through Rise from the Ashes, but… well, I really have no desire to go through *that* case again.

    I think the hate for Turnabout Big Top and especially Turnabout Samurai is that you have a lot of maps that you have to go through and ferry around evidence for pointless exchanges. I haven’t replayed Turnabout Big Top yet, but Turnabout Samurai DOES have an excessive amount of point A-through point B and C-finally something happened at Point D and generally the investigation progression is annoying. Even though Dual Destinies streamlined investigations a little too hard, I can safely say the map navigation there is far superior to old series entries.

    The second source of hate for Big Top is probably the lack of character development out of Franziska at this point. It’s a filler case, and while Turnabout Samurai was about showcasing Edgeworth’s change of heart from initial appearances, Franziska is a far more stubborn character who sticks to her guns until fairly late, when Edgeworth finally gets through to her. But I think Turnabout Samurai is probably still hated more, probably because Sal Manela is just nasty, and the investigation has so little going for it, with tedious trades abounds and way too many places to try and trigger the events to move forward relative to the case’s size. But that’s all speculation on my part.

  8. Lord-Derpface Says:

    So many coincidences in this topic. WoW was mentioned, and that is what I am playing now. I am actually new to the game, playing for the first time, only been playing for a few days, don’t know what to expect. I am also playing Mario Kart 8 on the side.

    Before that, I was playing Super Robot Wars Original Generation on the GBA. There is a weapon in that game that challenges the gunblade for the title of most phallic weapon ever:
    And here’s the version from the Japan-only PS2 remake:

  9. Lord-Derpface Says:

    (Sorry, forgot to mention, skip to 1:14 on the second video to see the weapon in question.)

  10. Cat Says:

    Seiken Densetsu 3 cause I felt like playing an older game and it’s the only game that was never officially brought outside of Japan, thank you very much, Squaresoft.

    Just finished playing Danganronpa completely blind. Entertaining game, predictable from beginning to end and the end drags on…

    Also currently playing Case 1-5 of AA because that’s the last AA case I have to do before I can proceed to Apollo Justice: Anal Attorney In Training and then to Edgeworth’s lovely fuchsia-shaded game. And considering your recap of 1-5 took me about three days to read cause I had to stop due to the many contradictions and problems… *sigh*

  11. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    Got Mario Kart 8 the night it came out. been enjoying it on-and-off since, especially since I get to play as Shy Guy and Lemmy! It almost makes up for Birdo’s absence. Weegee’s a bit too intense for me. He’s fisting people with his eyes, and he hasn’t ever tried to buy me dinner first. By the way, thoughts on Pink Gold Peach? Besides “What the fuck is that thing?”. (I bet if it were Pink Gold Luigi, it’d make a pretty fantastic addition to the bath houses in the Suikoden castles.) But, god, do I love the game. Even if 100cc starts my blood pressure slowly rising, because I’ve never been that great at anything outside 50cc on Mario Kart.

    Also playing Kirby Triple Deluxe whenever I feel like picking up the 3DS. Mostly replaying earlier levels because I really suck and can’t beat the final boss yet. Also, the naked muscle man statue is in here! I think. There’s a collectible keychain of it, at least.

    Plus, I redeemed my MK8 download code for Pikmin 3, for my first foray into the series. I foresee all my Pikmin dying horribly due to my horrible time and resource management. And once I’m done with all this stuff, it’ll be back to my FFVIII replay, where I’ve currently named Squall “LOL!!”, and I’m not what Rinoa will be named yet. Possibly “wat”.

  12. Sam Says:

    I forgot to even mention I’m also trying to finish FFX HD. I feel like I should be getting celestial weapons but I don’t know that I can bring myself to bother ever again.

    Pink Gold Peach weirded me out until I realized she was supposed to be a foil (SORRY) for Metal Mario. And even then it’s still kind of awkward. Pink Gold Peach doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Why not Platinum Peach? It also reminds me of how popular Black Hills Gold jewelry was when I was in high school.

    I think the hate for Turnabout Big Top and especially Turnabout Samurai is that you have a lot of maps that you have to go through and ferry around evidence for pointless exchanges. I haven’t replayed Turnabout Big Top yet, but Turnabout Samurai DOES have an excessive amount of point A-through point B and C-finally something happened at Point D and generally the investigation progression is annoying. Even though Dual Destinies streamlined investigations a little too hard, I can safely say the map navigation there is far superior to old series entries.

    This is all so, so true.

  13. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    You know, pink because she’s girl. lololol. But since Metal Mario is also a character I don’t care for, him, PGP, and babby Rosie soured me slightly on the roster. (I’d rather have had Wiggler or Honey Queen back. I loved playing that big fat bee.) But I hear “platinum” and I think of PGP in furs and big hoop earrings, driving the Benz they’re including in Japan. Which probably would make her Beyoncé… which would be pretty badass. I think I like her much better if I imagine her as a Beyoncé expy.

    Doesn’t the HD pair let you select between regular or international versions of the games where everyone’s Sigils and Crests are switched out? Are the Dark Aeon fights worth it, or the ESG? (I hate X-2 and plan to sell my copy if I ever beat it, so whatever it has extra isn’t a selling point to me. Shame, since the Dressphere and battle systems are kinda fun.) I still need to go back to my recent X file and get Tidus and Lulu’s Sigils… again…

  14. Cat Says:

    The Dark Aeon fights aren’t really worth it – they are if you enjoy grinding AP to get your party all over the ENTIRE Sphere Grid to not die immediately. I know, even without playing the HD version cause I live in Germany and we originally got FFX’s international version (I guess to console us that it took longer to release it in Germany, whoop dee doo) and I never found them fun to fight. And even looking at videos of people fighting them, it’s basically “Rikku Overlimit – Trio of 99999 – Repeat” until it’s down.

    The names of the Sigil/Crests were changed – like Wakka was now Saturn instead of Jupiter or whatever. But the way to obtain them hasn’t changed at all, from what I remember. Still Blitzball for Wakka, Monster Catching for Auron and that STUPID BUTTERFLY GAME for Kimari!

    I’d like to play Mario Kart 8 but I don’t have a WiiU and no money to buy one…

  15. demidaemon Says:

    On Ace Attorney, Franziska is probably my favorite antagonist of them all, just because she sticks to her guns and doesn’t really have any ulterior motives. She is the most upfront prosecutor in the entire series, which is some feat. I like that, and the fact that she sticks to her guns, and that she has a little bit of lesbian overtones at the end. Can’t hate.

    But I also love Klavier because he is pretty much the opposite of Edgeworth and blatantly hits on Apollo throughout the series. Can’t hate either.

    Justice for All is probably my favorite of the entire series. the cases are interesting, the villains and their motivations are well done, and, although the cases are still as convoluted as always, it’s convolution that makes sense. *spoiler* It isn’t like swinging a dead body over a burning bridge unbelievability. *spoiler*

  16. demidaemon Says:

    I actually just got back into WoW after a long hiatus. It’s actually been quite fun, knowing that I don’t have to log in every day but can still enjoy it.

  17. Lord-Derpface Says:

    I literally just started on The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap a short while ago. Downloaded it on my Wii U because I missed it when it came out on GBA.

    Also, no comment on the ludicrously phallic cannon I showed earlier, guys?

  18. Cat Says:

    I overall don’t fully hate Turnabout Big Top – well, when I did the LP of it, I got pretty sick and tired of all the people in the circus, but it’s not… a terrible case. I think the Samurai one is a bit worse.

    My problem is more… well, while I fully understand the motive, I can’t sympathize very much. Mostly cause, well, the moment that CAUSED the plan for the murder just seemed… dumb to me. Also, yeah, the case seems to drag a lot and take longer than it should. (Also, the murder was about as obvious as Redd White. Mostly cause you meet them so late, you know right away by method of exclusion)

    Sidenote, playing Tales of Symphonia for the PS3 cause my PS2’s disc reader has been acting up…

  19. Sam Says:

    I should probably circle back to this once I’ve replayed the case (pretty soon here), but I would put the crime in Big Top right up there with the dead body/burning bridge escapades. So, so dumb and unlikely.

    (Which is not to say I don’t enjoy the hell out of it.)

  20. Xyrafhoan Says:

    Well, other than Ace Attorney I just picked up Tomodachi Life. This game is way too strange and surreal to seem real, and yet Nintendo MADE this and then BROUGHT IT OUTSIDE OF JAPAN?? Needless to say, I made a bunch of Miis based off of some Shadowrun characters of my tabletop gaming group and I’m shipping two of them together super hard. The fact they asked each other out in the first place is like Christmas in June. One of them is a super tall “orc” at the epitome of thug manliness named John Doe, who I nicknamed “Guns” because why not, and then there’s the petite, tomboyish Sora who apparently looks like a boy whenever people casually walk by my screen and see what I’m doing.

  21. demidaemon Says:

    There is a certain stupidity in the Big Top case, but at least it’s stupidity that makes sense. It’s dumb, but not out of the total realm of unbelievability. It doesn’t test my suspension of disbelief in the same way the burning bridge/swinging bodies does. As always, YMMV.

  22. [Insert Name] Says:

    I’ve been playing the Mass Effect series again for the hell of it. Because shipping. Um. (Or rather, playing the first two games again and promising myself I’ll get to the third one again. Eventually.)

    And since Tales of Symphonia got an HD rerelease on the PSN, I went ahead and bought that. Graphics don’t really look much better than the original imo, but hey, I’ll take what I can get since my copy of the original got itself smashed when I was moving.

    I feel like the only person on this website that’s never played an Ace Attorney game. o.o

  23. Lord-Derpface Says:

    So… Minish Cap… When you go to sleep in Twink’s house, he shares his bed with Ezlo, who seems awfully happy and energetic upon waking up. I can only jump to the most logical conclusion.

  24. Beleth Says:

    I’m playing Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD on the PS3, and I am sure Jeanne is absolutely thrilled to hear that. This time there are TROPHIES for dodging 200 lightning bolts and winning chocobo racing at 0:00:00! But on the plus side I get to reread my favorite recap on the site as I play and despite everything FFX has some really great memories attached to it. I’m having a lot of fun replaying it!

    I also bought Bravely Default, Atelier Escha & Logy on PSN sale, and I’m planning on picking up Drakengard 3 eventually because everyone is super hot.

  25. Lord-Derpface Says:

    Well, that did a good job of killing this thread, strangely.

  26. Cat Says:

    Eh, I overall did not find Minish Cap to be a very entertaining Zelda game to play. I know people bitch about Navi (I do), or complain about Fi from Skyward (I don’t, I rather like her next to Midna) but how come Ezlo seems to get a free pass? That guy is a terrible sidekick for me, never told me anything helpful (Oh gee, Ezlo, you mean I’m in a dark room and I should watch out where I step or I’ll fall? Durr, I thought I was supposed to run ahead blindly), was a coward and a self-important jerk majority of the time… I just couldn’t get invested.

    Also, Minish Cap had an ice dungeon with ice sliding puzzles….. uuuuurgh, ice sliding puzzles. But when I finished Minish Cap, I tried to return and get all figurines, but then gave up. *shrug*

  27. Cat Says:

    On a side-note, I always called it “Minish Camp” at first… no real reason, I guess. I just did, it seemed fitting. (PS: it’s a story based on the origin of Link’s hat? Yeah that’s quite… interesting… next they’ll give us a story about how Link got his new stud-boots. It’ll be like Oracle of ages and Oracle of Seasons, side-by-side games, you know, one for each boot)

  28. Lord-Derpface Says:

    So… what do you guys make of this?

    Did Twink get a sex change operation? I can’t even tell. But some people seem to think so.

  29. Cat Says:

    Yeah, I’ll be honest, the design is neat. I’m generally pretty good at telling genders apart, but here even I am wondering if that person is hiding a sausage or what not in the pants. I do love the ponytail, though.

  30. Lord-Derpface Says:

    Spoke too soon. I just found out that, apparently, Iwata teased that that person might not be Twink, but someone else entirely.

  31. Sam Says:

    Even if it’s not Twink, I think he looks great. People are acting like he was freaking Burt Reynolds before.

  32. Lord-Derpface Says:

    So, why don’t we go ahead and talk about E3 in general? What are your opinions guys? Any games that you’re excited for? I’m getting Hyrule Warriors on launch day, and I’m going to play the shit out of it. They said at E3 that there’s gonna be a lot of characters from throughout the Zelda series who will be playable in this game. I’m so maining Big Gay Beedle if he’s in.

    Getting Smash Bros Wii U as soon as it comes out. Since they’re not going to release that far apart, I won’t be getting the 3DS version on day one, but maybe later on if it’s different enough from the Wii U version. The other new Zelda on the Wii U will also be another day one buy. And Mario Maker ought to be fun to play with. Definitely going to pass on Mario Party 10 though, because they brought back that goddamn car. You know, the gameplay mechanic that literally everyone hated?

    I’ve actually only looked at what Nintendo’s shown at E3. Mostly because the only “current” consoles I own are the Wii U and the 3DS, so I’m not in any rush to see what those other consoles that I am too poor to buy right now have to offer. I did hear though they Sony and Microsoft barely showcased any gameplay in the games they’ve shown at E3. It was all a bunch of CGI cutscenes that do nothing to show you what the games look like when you’re actually playing them and what they play like.

  33. Sam Says:

    I will be all about Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. And Layton vs. Phoenix, of course.

  34. Cat Says:

    *goes off on a long rant about how she can’t afford any of the games due to lack of a job*

    Anyway Hyrule Warriors looks pretty neat. Smash Bros hasn’t really gotten me yet. Only reason I’ll get that game now is if Ghirahim is entered in the rooster, which is most likely not gonna happen… Sadness, he would’ve been such a fun character to play as. Not just cause of his inappropriately long tongue that he could use to catch and throw people, but his chocolate form would be a cool Final Smash and his foppish, gay mannerism would just be a delight to see.

    Other than that… none really interest me. I was hoping to see if EA was showing some good Sims 4 Footage of ACTUAL GAMEPLAY but not so much, apparently. Doubt I’ll be getting that game any time soon… Only game I’m contemplating on maybe getting in the near future is Super Danganronpa 2 Sayonara Zetsubou, because I goddamn well hope that game explains some things from DR, although that game already has a huge plot hole in it. (I’m currently playing it in Japanese on the PSP and a slight language barrier is making things go rather slowly)

  35. [Insert Name] Says:

    Joining Cat on the lack of job anti-gaming situation.

    I can’t really comment on anything because I didn’t really pay attention to E3 this year.

  36. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    I was pretty happy with E3 this year! Although my wallet won’t be. I may delay a few purchases… but the U alone had Bayonetta 2 (if I turn out to like 1, which I got for the PS3 for Christmas last year. Go figure!), Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad… not to mention next year! (At least.) Yoshi’s Woolly World, Splatoon looks cool, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, ZELDA U, a new Star Fox… we’ve also heard some scuttlebutt that one,. maybe TWO new Metroid games may be in the works. If they’d only bring a 64-styled PilotWings to the U as well… god, in HD, and PW64 was fantastic.

    For Sony, four games convinced me – LittleBigPlanet 3, Uncharted 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and No Man’s Sky. (Plus my best friend was over last weekend and brought his PS4. We played Towerfall Ascension. Major fun. Highly recommended.) I’d have to see gameplay of UC4 and RotTR, but I’m optimistic. Uncharted in general is a great series, and I’m always on for more Drake. More wet Drake. *datass*

    And the 3DS has promise – Fantasy Life sounds cool, and I’m looking forward to XSEED NOT fucking up Story of Seasons. I can’t recall if anything else for the 3DS caught my eye… except Natsume’s HORRIBLE Harvest Moon ripoff. I know, it IS titled Harvest Moon because they own the name, even if the brand is associated with Marvelous’s work. (I think it’s a dick move to use the name on their own new IP, personally.) The character models are hideous!

  37. Cat Says:

    Just dropping in to say that Aonuma has revealed that the blue-clothed ponytail person IS Link and that the rumor that it’s a chick (or Zelda) just “sort of grew”. So now we have a Link who looks even more bishonen and twink-ish than before…. Mmmmhhh, I can just SMELL the twink jokes being written for future recaps.

    Not that I ever thought it was a girl, I just wasn’t 100% sure what gender it was.

  38. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    I approve of this sexy ponytailed Link.

  39. Lord-Derpface Says:

    So… anyone else here buying a Vita just for Tales of Hearts? I just said I didn’t have any money to buy a new console, but the Vita’s been out for a while. I’m sure I can find one for cheap somewhere.

  40. Cat Says:

    I doubt I’ll even buy Tales of Hearts.

    I’ve said it before, I don’t find majority of the Vita library very interesting – I dislike every change or added filler for Persona 4 Golden (the PS2 version is already hilarious enough) and I already played Danganronpa. Which is quite disappointing as a murder mystery game, when I can predict everything after a few hours of playing, before even the first Chapter is done…! However, IF I were to buy a Vita, it might be for Danganronpa 2, although I am playing the Japanese version right now. (Wait I think I mentioned this already…)

  41. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    I actually haven’t played any Tales games aside from the fan-translation of Phantasia on the SNES. Which was okay, but I couldn’t really make the battle system work terribly well for me. I prefer being able to control everyone in my party at all times. I guess I’m a turn-based sort of guy. And like Cat, I’m just not thrilled by the Vita library. Maybe if Type-0 were coming, the Uncharted and Silent Hill titles on it were actually GOOD, and if they got a Lunar 2 port like the PSP got Silver Star Harmony, I’d consider it.

    I dunno, the Vita just really needs a serious library overhaul. Granted, I say this and every game I own (so far) for the PSP besides Crisis Core is a port/remake. But at least those remakes interested me.

  42. Lord-Derpface Says:

    I understand. I like having full control over my party in games too. One of the biggest reasons I didn’t like FF13. But the Tales series is still fun, and the ally AI gets better as the series goes on. Yeah, ally AI wasn’t that good in the earliest games. I remember Tales of Destiny had some weird programming flaw where the other party members just stand around with their thumbs in their asses (though maybe throwing out a spell or two every once in a while) if Stahn is between them and the enemy, as if he was a wall that they couldn’t see past. Thankfully, it was easily rectified by just changing your formation so that everyone except your healer is in front of Stahn.

  43. Cat Says:

    I dunno why people didn’t like that about XIII. I rather liked not controlling anyone but my leader, mostly cause I could influence the actions of my other party members easily, once you know the battle system’s background mechanics.

    Then again, I’m the type of player who likes to have a certain amount of control taken away from them. Like, I keep reading people absolutely LOVE how you can pick whatever Skill you want to inherit via Fusion in P4 Golden. Great for them, I felt it made it way too easy to make overpowered Low Level Personae. Yeah, the starting and canceling to get some good skill sets in P4 on the PS2 was bothersome but… it was HONEST!

    As for Tales games, if I had to suggest a game to start/re-enter the series with, I’d probably say Symphonia. Yeah it’s old-school, the battle system is pretty… eh. But it’s good cause if you start with Abyss (which is neat except for TEAR!!) you’ll be too used to Free Run and then you’d have even more trouble playing Symphonia. Although I’d say stay away from Vesperia. Overrated game with a broken ass-invulernable battle system. Bend that game over backwards.

  44. Lord-Derpface Says:

    Vesperia became overrated because it actually is a really good game. It has its flaws, like any game does, but it’s still a great game. And Yuri is a refreshing change of pace from the standard JRPG main character. If you have a 360, I say you should at least try it and formulate your own opinion of the game.

  45. Lord-Derpface Says:

    Going back to WoW for a minute, I take a look at what I just found.

    Wow. Just wow. And that’s an entire area. I think we have a record-breaking phallus here.

  46. Lord-Derpface Says:

    So, I reached level 55 in WoW, and I decided to try out a Death Knight since I can make one now. The Death Knight’s starting quest chain was actually painful to play through. I like being a good guy, so asking me to slaughter innocents was a tall order. Although, that did make it all the more satisfying when I was finally able to tell the Lich King to go fuck himself.

  47. Cat Says:

    About Vesperia, no. I HATE the English voices (I hear Troy Baker too often, and whoever they got for Judith’s voice absolutely ruined the idea that she’s supposed to be mysterious, flirty and sexy with a husky voice, not a voice of a high schooler)

    And I’ve played the game and I find the battle system utterly broken. The story is all over the place before it hammers “BE NICE TO THE ENVIRONMENT” into my face. The villains? Boring, boring and BORING. I’d rather listen to LAMBDA from Tales of Graces than to any of Vesperia’s. (And Lambda only bugs me)

    None of the characters are that great. What makes Yuri so different? What, he’s a badass? So are other JRPG protagonists. He kills people who deserve it? So freaking what, which JRPG protagonist hasn’t done that at some point? Yuri is as overused a character as the Idiot Hero that is Lloyd.

  48. Lord-Derpface Says:

    Well, if that’s your opinion, I won’t try to change your mind because when has that ever worked on the internet? Let’s agree to disagree.

    Like I said though, I encourage anyone who has an Xbox 360 to at least try out Vesperia and decide for themselves whether they like it or not. Don’t knock it til you try it.

    Moving on from that, I find it very odd that I have pointed out something incredibly phallic in this thread twice now, and both times, it has gone ignored. I don’t mean to dwell on it, but come on, this is This place thrives on phallic imagery (along with snark and homoeroticism)!

  49. HeWhoSawTheDeep Says:

    For any Anal Attorney fans who may not have heard yet, the fan translation of Ace Attorney Investigations 2 is completed and released.

  50. Cat Says:

    Yeah I’ll be playing that translation cause I keep losing my place in the Japanese version. (I was somewhere in Case 2… with that guy who has a sweating, panting mini-polar bear on his chest… WTF) Although from what I read, they used English voice clips which….. why? It would’ve saved them *some* work to just keep the Japanese ones in.

  51. [Insert Name] Says:

    All the talk about Tales games reminds me that I need to get off my ass and actually play Legendia… which I now realize bought almost a decade ago when it first came out. Bah.

    Granted, I haven’t finished ANY of the Tales of games that I own either.

  52. Keelorzilla Says:

    Mass Effect, Mass Effect, and more Mass Effect… I finally got around to playing the Leviathan, Omega, and Citadel DLCs and I caught the bug again…

  53. AirAce Says:

    Playing a few games like mass effect 2, zelda: minish cap, and starwars KOTOR online

  54. Lord-Derpface Says:

    Dunno if anyone still looks at this thread or not, but I am now playing Tales of Xillia 2. And… oh my God. Just… I don’t want to spoil it. I think it’d be way funnier if you don’t see it coming. Just… Milla Story Chapter 4. Oh my God. It’s available after Main Story Chapter 12. Just make sure you do Alvin Story Chapter 4, which is also available after Main Story Chapter 12, before it, to cut down on how many times you get hit in the face with mood whiplash in a short span of time.

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