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"Phoenix is all ready to leave before Gumshoe changes his mind about the phone, but the detective has one more thing to add. 'I don't suppose you're planning on talking to that witness,' he says. 'Anyway, you'd better not! No influencing the witness with your lawyerly ways, pal!' The witness Gumshoe is referring to, of course, is the woman in the pink suit with the huge hooters. Please, detective. What's he going to do, seduce her? He even admits that he forgot all about her, and what straight guy would forget those?"
     -Sam, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Part 2

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Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Open Thread

I don’t even know how many of you are into the Layton series. I just wanted to share this:


For anyone not playing the game, two things about this scenario:

1) These two are Luke’s parents;
2) This outfit, termed “vintage hipster Rinoa” by Jeanne, was designed by Luke, only to serve as the world’s most ridiculous boner stoker for his own father.

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Posted by Sam

22 Responses to “Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Open Thread”

  1. Lord-Derpface Says:

    I’ve heard of the Professor Layton games, but I don’t really know all that much about them. Are the characters and plot as absolutely balls-out ridiculous as Anal Attourney’s?

  2. Sam Says:

    I wouldn’t say the plots and characters are as insane, but they are their own kind of insane. The hallmark of the Layton series is that Professor Layton will always maintain that the game’s central supernatural mystery must have a logical explanation, and then he finds it; however, the “logical” explanation ends up being either just as supernatural as the original mystery, or it’s so convoluted that the answer may as well be “a wizard did it.”

    The best example is a major spoiler for the third game: Layton and Luke travel in time to Future London where they meet future versions of themselves, but it turns out no time travel is involved, because time travel is fake, stupid! The “logical” explanation is that the time travel device actually transports them deep underground, where villains pretending to be Future Layton and Future Luke have created a precise, futurized replica of London just to fuck with Layton. SO LOGICAL.

  3. Accidentally The Sun Says:


    My mom bought this game for her DS… makes me wonder if she still has it. I’m almost tempted to go find and borrow it to see just how cracked out it is. I mean, I’m playing Silent Hill 2 right now, so that’s cracked-out enough, but what you just mentioned… well, it sounds like the professor is in serious levels of denial. Rinoa, Eilie, Ruto levels of denial.

    I think the real question we should be asking here is, how gay is everyone in these games? (Because if Luke made THAT outfit – likely for himself, only to foist it off on his parents lest they

  4. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    ….Whoops. Anyway, as I was saying, Luke must’ve foisted that outfit off to his parents lest they find out about his burning, flaming desires. And that thing would look right at home in Milich’s closet.

  5. demidaemon Says:

    I believe, in a post long past, Jeanne once pointed out that Prof. Layton is pretty much having an illicit pedophilic affair with Luke, with the express purpose of raising him to be his Lover? wife? whatever word you want to put here. Chances are, Luke originally designed this to be a boner stoker for Prof. Layton, only to find out that, despite all his other proclivities, a crossdressing Rinoa cosplayer didn’t set him on fire.

  6. demidaemon Says:

    In other news, I wonder how effed the crossover between Prof. Layton and Anal Attorney is going to be.

  7. Sam Says:

    Yes, Layton is definitely carrying on in an inappropriate way with poor Luke. When I put the tag on this post I went back and read Jeanne’s post about the original game, and had a five-minute giggling fit over “a puzzle called ‘What’s Behind the Zippered Door’?”

    And in fairness to Luke, “him” designing means I actually designed it. And in fairness to both of us, he has to make outfits out of the random items of clothing found while puzzle-solving. Which has so far included the pink Rinoa wings, a fuzzy white bear hood, and white bear claw gloves.

    Also, our hastily formed theory is that Luke’s dad and Layton had a fling when they were in college and that Layton’s hat is what set Mr. Triton’s groin aflame.

  8. demidaemon Says:

    Makes perfect sense, Sam. Sadly. Is this the only answer to the puzzle? Or was it just some crack-addled game designer’s unnecessary miniquest you participated in?

    I’m scared as to what other “puzzles” Luke and Layton participate in.

  9. Sam Says:

    It’s one of the many minigames/sidequests that are in each game. There might be multiple answers but this outfit was the only one I could make work with what I have so far.

  10. Cat Says:

    I didn’t get much into the Layton games… after a while he annoyed me with his, “Do you know what [random phallic object] makes me think of? A puzzle!” and then I stopped. I might have to resort to my see-everything-as-a-phallic-thing point of view to enjoy the games… worked for AA.

  11. Ben Says:

    “vintage hipster Rinoa”


  12. Lord-Derpface Says:

    So, uh, any new recaps on the way? I’d kind of like to see something that hasn’t gotten an update in a while. Or maybe something new? Either way, I hope it comes soon, no rush though. Take your time and make it as funny and homoerotic as possible.

  13. Sam Says:

    I’ve got something almost done. It turns out my brain needed a longer vacation after that last one than I thought.

  14. Lord-Derpface Says:

    Your last recap was the grand finale to the first Anal Attourney game, right? I completely understand. Like I said, don’t feel the need to rush it.

  15. Jeanne Says:

    Yeah, sorry about the lack of content lately. I meant to at least have more Recapper Roleplay posts while I’m working on the new site. Also, Sam and I have been doing a lot of work coordinating and recording footage for FFX-2 (spoiler: trying to get 100% on the first playthrough continues to take years off our lives). I’ll try to be better about more frequent content while we’re doing stuff behind the scenes!

  16. demidaemon Says:

    I’m pretty impressed that you two are still trying to get 100%. of course, I’ve restarted the game at least twice to do so (and have yet to finish it), so I should probably shut up now.

    Keep up the good and masochistic work!

  17. Lord-Derpface Says:

    I always thought that getting 100% in FFX-2 was impossible for any sane person… until I found out that your completion percentage carries over if you do a New Game+ and I THINK, if I understood correctly, that everything you do adds to it, even if you already did it on your first playthrough. I think. I can’t go and confirm it because I sold my copy of X-2 long ago along with some other games I didn’t particularly like and hadn’t played in a long time, and I have no desire to purchase the HD collection with it’s bastardized soundtrack.

    Even if that is true though, since the recappers strive to provide us with the most complete and “authentic” recaps as possible, I don’t think they really consider a New Game+ an option. Unless they decided to recap a Fire Emblem game. I think the one on the Wii had some extra plot/backstory scenes that were only viewable on a New Game+ for some reason. Perhaps some other games in the series did as well. I don’t know, I’ve only played the one on the 3DS because it has the option to turn off the permadeath “feature” that the series is infamous for.

  18. Cat Says:

    No, if you do something you’ve already done in your previous playthrough of X-2, it does not add to your percentage. It has to be something that you haven’t done already. I know my latest file, I attempted it and followed a guide to the T…! And ended up with 99% at the end. Well, 99.5% or something like that…

    I know the horror of attempting to 100% X-2 in one go. I did multiple New Games for it. And after that last one, I just told it to screw off and not bother anymore. I still prefer the ending you get in the Farplane. (Which I accidentally-on-purpose got on my first ever playthrough)

  19. Keelorzilla Says:

    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s struggled with X-2. I’ve tried a good four times to get 100% in one go but at this point I think a New Game+ is my only sane option left (if even that can be considered sane). Anyway, I remember being impressed when I first realized that you guys were trying to (collectively) complete multiple 100% New Game playthroughs for one recap. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind it if, at a certain point, you guys just decided that perhaps any ending without Tidus was a good ending and left it at that. I think trying and failing to complete 100% is sort of the X-2 experience…

  20. Cat Says:

    An ending without Tidus is great. Exactly why I originally aimed for the Farplane ending. Speaking of, I guess in order to prepare myself for a potential new recap of X-2, I’m currently re-reading the FFX recaps. I must’ve repressed majority of the game, cause I am always surprised and annoyed to see just how annoying Tightass is.

  21. demidaemon Says:

    I pretty much refuse to play FFX-2 without a guide, so as to avoid missing anything. I’m probably not going to try again until I get the HD version, which is now on sale at Walmart for about half price. ;)

  22. Sam Says:

    I’m currently playing the FFX HD version alongside recording our FFX-2 footage, and it’s an odd experience. Thanks to FFX-2, where she’s really a lot better, I had forgotten exactly how stilted and weird Hedy Burress is as Yuna. And Tightass is truly every bit as annoying as I remembered. It’s almost impressive.

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