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"As the two kids begin to walk down the road, Miss P takes it upon herself to state the obvious. 'This is the entrance to the road,' she reveals. NO!! 'There's a small hut over there,' she continues, as though Alf has suddenly been struck blind. Oh look, there's a tree! And another one! Look, grass! Over there, a fence! Interestingly, Alf shakes his head in derision while she's doing this, showing that he's becoming as irritated as I am."
     -Ben, Breath of Fire III Part 4

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It sucks to be Phoenix Wright

This may possibly be the most awesome video in the history of the internet. Behold!

Many thanks to my own dear Mr. AG for showing me this video. You guys owe him. BIG.

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Posted by Kelly

2 Responses to “It sucks to be Phoenix Wright”

  1. brainlessgal Says:

    Dammit. Now I wish I finished my one of these…*sulks in a corner*

  2. MintWhelp Says:

    Indeed we owe, big time. I laughed quite a bit as it made my day.

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