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"The waitress or whoever tells them that their 'usual' table is ready, so from this we're supposed to gather that Laguna is a big boozehound. It would explain a lot. Interestingly, 'boozehound' is an actual word because MSWord doesn't underline it the same way it does 'Seifer' or 'Tidus McWankerson'. Just thought you'd like to know."
     -Jeanne, Final Fantasy VIII Part 4

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It gives me the humorous vegetables

The preponderance for posts pertaining to penii proceeds apace!

Behold the Capsicum annuum var. annuum ‘Peter’ hot pepper, otherwise known as the “Peter Pepper” or if you’re in my house it’s known as “Holy shit, that pepper looks like a penis!”

It's a pepper! It's a penis! It's a penis pepper!

These little Willies are said to be in the “Oh sweet Christ my tongue is melting” heat category, but if you like very hot things that look like penii, this might be right up your street.

Once again, I have to give blame credit where it’s due, and thank Mr. AG for indulging my inner 12-year-old homo.


Posted by Kelly

2 Responses to “It gives me the humorous vegetables”

  1. TsuNoBa Says:

    *glances as first sentence* Alliteration’s always awesome?

    *snickers* See, there are good things about being so addicted to the internet that you have to check all your favorite web sites before you go to bed.

  2. MintWhelp Says:

    Blargh… I gues I won’t eat any kind of pepper for a wee while.

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