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"Fade in on Pirate Isle. Ben the Lookout is standing around talking to himself. He's going on and on about what a nice, perfect, wonderful, gorgeous, happy day it is, which means something bad is going to happen."
     -Jeanne, Skies of Arcadia Part 2

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A few quick updates

Hello, everyone. I’m just writing a quick post to let you know a few things that are going on.

I mentioned something way back in the site anniversary update about a super awesome plan for this coming year, which is technically not over until 2/17/2014. So I still have a couple of months! The plan is to completely update the site, getting rid of the old shitty HTML, and converting everything over to WordPress. This will make it much, much easier to maintain. But it’s going to take a long time to do all the WordPress coding, site design, and recap conversion.

I’m currently working on the next Phoenix Wright recap, which is about 80% done. I’m hoping to finish it by Christmas. Once I post it, I’m going to concentrate on the site update for a while. So that I’m not totally slacking on actual content during that time, I’ve decided to revive the Recapper Roleplay posts, which are way less time consuming than the crazy long recaps I normally write. I know Oblivion is super old now — even Skyrim is two years old! — but I actually think the various guild quests are more entertaining in Oblivion than in Skyrim so I want to continue it. Maybe I will recapper roleplay both! No promises.

Finally, I am going to update WordPress to the latest version. Hopefully I won’t ruin everything! Update: Done!

Posted by Jeanne

7 Responses to “A few quick updates”

  1. ryoko126 Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to do all this. Also, thank you for continuing this site. I’ve kept up with it for years and it’s literally the best site on the net, as far as I’m concerned. I can’t wait till you start Xenosaga II, I can’t wait to see what happens in the Final Fantasy recaps, should you continue, and Persona 4 and OoT, and ALL the other games I love and love to watch you make fun of.

  2. demidaemon Says:

    Thanks Jeanne for all of your hard work. Now you guys need to come up with a name for your superfans!

  3. Sam Says:

    Xenosaga II will be on the docket pretty soon. I did my recording! :)

    I won’t have anything to contribute until after the holidays, though, so in the meantime, Merry Christmas, everyone!

  4. Xyrafhoan Says:

    Man, you guys are dedicated. With all the hard work put into the site, just make sure you don’t forget to enjoy your holidays!

  5. ryoko126 Says:

    Oh man! I’m excited! Marry Christmas to you too, Sam. I pretty much tolerated Shion for 3 games just for some Jin action, and that’s why I’m so excited. Though I had to admit, I was happily suprised for Jr awesomeness too.

  6. demidaemon Says:

    Poor, poor Sam. I hope there is plenty of liquor in your stocking!

  7. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    I’m looking forward to the inevitable Suikoden V recap, myself, because I can imagine what a massive field day VGR had with it. Between the boobs everywhere, incest, girly (but hot) Prince, Oboro and Raven’s rivalry, that fucked-up bath scene with Lun, Kisara, and Subala, Suecretia, Richard’s obsession with Mueller…

    It’s pretty awesome seeing how the recappers have evolved over the years, too, in terms of writing style. One of the best parts of the anniversaries, I’d say.

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