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"The fortuneteller places her well-manicured hand over a crystal ball. As we pan up to her face, we get a good, long shot of some cleavage underneath her cloak. It almost leads me to believe that male gamers have a thing for boobs, or something. I know, I'm crazy."
     -Sam, Lunar: Silver Star Story Part 3

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Don’t miss it, baby.

So, after a heartstopping masterclass in trolling, Atlus finally announced Persona 5 at the end of a live stream today.

But, I’m ashamed to say, I’m kind of more excited about this at the moment. Yu’s got the moves.

Am I hallucinating due to the after-effects of my latest P4 recap, or is this actually happening?


Posted by Ben

15 Responses to “Don’t miss it, baby.”

  1. Sam Says:

    That game with the chibis for the 3DS also looks fun.

  2. Robyn Says:

    It’s actually happening. XD The 3DS game is a 3 and 4 crossover/bridging the gaps kind of thing, I think?

  3. ryoko126 Says:

    I’m SO excited about that 3DS one! I can’t get enough of Akihiko, and the chibi is so adorable!

  4. Xyrafhoan Says:

    The chibi 3DS game not only crosses over P3 and P4 characters, I think the whole “Q” and “Labyrinth” parts hint at a more Etrian Odyssey-like dungeon crawl (Etrian Odyssey’s Japanese title is often referred to as SQ).

    I laughed for like a solid 5 minutes at the Dancing All Night trailer. The overly enthused announcer praising Yu’s dance skills… UNBELIEVEABLE, CAN YOU IMAGINE THE STEP?

  5. Ben Says:

    I’m still laughing now. It just gets funnier every time I see it. Also, from a brief flash in the trailer, it looks like Yosuke and Kanji (among others) will be strutting their stuff on the dancefloor as well.

    I have to say, it was hilarious watching all the hardcore Persona fanboys go into increasing levels of meltdown when all these announcements turned out to be fanservice-y spinoffs. And as soon as P5 was announced right at the end, they switched straight from “ATLUS YOU FUCKERS I HATE YOU DIE DIE DIE” to “OMG ATLUS I LOVE YOU AND NEVER DOUBTED YOU”.

    I don’t think the 3DS game will be canon, purely because of the inclusion of a certain P3 character who really shouldn’t be there (trying to avoid spoilers for anyone who hasn’t played it).

  6. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    Just out of curiosity, what IS Persona, exactly? (I’d rather not read the recaps for a general idea, spoilers and whatnot; plus, I like my explanations with a little VGR flavor wherever possible. Wikipedia doesn’t tell me about the butt stuff.)

    I hear so much great stuff about it EVERYWHERE without ever actually knowing.

  7. Robyn Says:

    Persona is classic SMT’s Pokemon-esque demon collection meets Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, with a little bit of Jungian lingo thrown in for shits and giggles. Shin Megami Tensei itself is Atlus’ flagship JRPG franchise, and it’s pretty well known for having a ridiculously steep learning curve. Persona is much more casual friendly and a great gateway series into the other titles.

    (My personal favorite series is Devil Summoner, but I love me some Persona as well.)

  8. Accidentally The Sun Says:

    I dunno much about SMT or JJBA… but Pok√©mon… It’s too much to hope it bears similarities to Suikoden outside of vast potential for homosexual innuendo, isn’t it?

  9. Cat Says:

    Yes, it’s real. Although out of the Persona games I’ve played, Persona 3 and 4, with Innocent Sin being kinda only past the intro, I have to say that Persona 4 is the only one where a music dance game makes sense. Rest of the games’ music was kinda boring.

  10. Vincent Valentine Says:

    The SMT series is amazing.
    Persona is their money maker atm and is the most popular spin off.
    My favourite is Digital Devil Saga. Lovely themes of Hinduism and cannabalism complete with a messed up storyline and good difficulty.

    Yes, those are mouths on the demon’s boobs.

  11. terriblyuncute Says:

    I managed to be lucky/early enough to get into the NicoNico stream and got to watch the whole magical event. “Heartstopping masterclass in trolling” doesn’t begin to describe it. Dancing All Night got leaked early, so I unfortunately didn’t get to experience the shock and dismay some of my fellow commenters did when that ended up being the third reveal, but I did love the responses.

    I’m super-torn on Persona Q, though. On one hand, it sounds hysterically stupid. On the other, after seeing the Etrian Odyssey-fied character designs, I am pretty sure my desk requires SD Akihiko, Mitsuru, and Shinjiro figures immediately.

    Oh, and @ATS: Persona has little in common with Suikoden, other than being turn-based JRPGs. (Even then, the combat is totally different.) The later games–3, 4, and almost definitely 5–have a social-sim/dating-sim/visual-novel aspect to them that runs the gamut from excruciatingly inane (most of them, especially in P4) to deliciously subtext-laden to WRONG BAD NO. (And a few that are just heartwarming and sweet, admittedly.) Also, an aspect that hasn’t been mentioned yet is the tarot motif that runs strongly through the series; it…helps? Maybe? to know a little about tarot, but it’s hardly required to understand the series.

    That said, Persona 2: Innocent Sin has a legit gay option in the basically-meaningless choice of love interest toward the end of the game, Persona 3 has subtext everywhere, and Persona 4…well, the recaps are covering that.

  12. Cat Says:

    Oooh IS allows me to make Takehito Koyasu-I mean what’s-his-face… Takuya gay? Neat! I may have to force myself to continue my playthrough after all… wait, is there more than just the Michel guy to choose from? I hope so…

  13. Xyrafhoan Says:

    In Innocent Sin, you play as Tatsuya Suou and by the end of the game, you get to choose between Maya, Lisa, or Jun. While all signs point to Maya as the “canon” choice, I obviously went with Tatsuya and Jun so their demon contact would change to them flirting with each other.

    Also I will probably squee with joy if Digital Devil Saga is ever covered by the VGR crew. It has such memorable characters such as Argilla and her boob mouths, Heat whose every word can be reconstructed as euphemisms all the time, Jinana with her super serious thong + butt tattoo combo, Mick the guy with the spiky mouthed Pacman tattoo… and this is all just the first game!

  14. Cat Says:

    Yeah Maya seems canon but… I dunno. I haven’t gotten far yet, so can’t see anything too big except even the game is telling Lisa she’s barking up the wrong tree. Or I just haven’t gotten enough VGR vision yet.
    Don’t think I’ve met Jun yet… by the way, that Argilla design seems pretty… tame.

  15. Terribly Uncute Says:

    What’s funny about Maya as the “canon” choice is that even the game’s lead creators were like, “Yeeeeaah…we wrote that, but it literally cannot happen without [huge spoilers].” Then they ponder whether or not Jun and Tatsuya’s hair will get tangled together while they’re in bed. (Source!) The fanbooks are amazing.

    I maintain that given [said huge spoilers], Jun is totally the correct choice. Lisa…I love Lisa, but honey, he is just not that into girls you.

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