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"'I am also an unsent,' Auron admits. Holy...fuck....what? Auron's....dead...? I need a moment. This is sudden. Fuck, that just totally came out of the blue."
     -Jeanne, Final Fantasy X Part 20

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Persona 4 Part 3

The third installment of Persona 4 by Ben is now up, and it is a whopper. This is it, everyone, the recap you have all been waiting for: the gayest dungeon ever. Ganondorf Glamour, Inc. would be sooooooooooo jealous.


Posted by Jeanne

11 Responses to “Persona 4 Part 3”

  1. Sam Says:

    Ben, I don’t care what you say, “Persauna” is hilarious. Feel free to issue that kick to my ovaries whenever.

  2. Xyrafhoan Says:

    The disappointing lunch date gets even worse when Gary invites Yosuke to nibble on his pork. In a shocking turn of events, Yosuke admits he doesn’t like the taste of Gary’s meat, turning his world on its head. “You should try making better food next time…” the IN chides. Yeah, and if we’re giving each other “advice”, you should try throwing yourself into the nearest woodchipper. Dick. “You feel that your relationship is going to become closer soon…” the IN feebly offers as an apology for his unwelcome commentary. Too late, IN, the damage is already done. Gary’s going to cry himself to sleep tonight because of your insensitive remarks.

    I was almost in tears here, and that’s just scratching the surface of this beautiful recap. Bravo, Ben. Bravo.

  3. ryoko126 Says:

    Oh man! I knew when you got to this part it would go great! I’ve been reading this site since it practically started and this is easily the most intentionally gay to ever gay. Seriously though, I was so happy that this came out this morning I literally squeed and refused to sleep till I read it all.

  4. Ben Says:

    Sam: Naturally, fellow recappers are exempt from the genital-kicking. XD

    Glad you enjoyed it, guys! This dungeon was what made me realize I had to recap P4. That, and my reaction when I fused Mara for the first time.

  5. Cat Says:

    Oh my God, I remember my reaction when I first entered this dungeon… I was very… concerned. Although I think I was also laughing a ton, when I wasn’t cringing and wishing Shadow!Kanji would put some freaking clothes on!

    “Don’t mind me, I’m just the vegetarian cringing in the corner.”

    I am the same… I like watching Man VS Food, but sometimes the thought of all the meat needing to be devoured is just… cringeworthy.

  6. demidaemon Says:

    SO. AWESOME! I loved every bit of this, and am amazed that Ben doesn’t have alcohol poisoning form all the redundancy and stupidness. I wish we could have more of the GAYEST DUNGEON EVER, though. Some game designer will probably trump it soon. Hopefully.

    I also appreciated that we got the second Murder, She Wrote reference in as many recaps. Something about that just makes me smile extra wide.

    So, I wanted to copy and paste in about fifteen different sections, but I forced myself to only pick this one, because it came out of left field and smacked me in the face (pun fully intended):

    “Which brings us on to the matter of…oh my God, it’s Adachi. I’ve never been so happy to see that fucker. He wanders into the Food Court, talking to himself about the countryside being more exciting than he’d expected. Frankly, he could be singing I Am What I Am while wearing a sequined dress and brandishing a dildo-shaped microphone and I wouldn’t care–he’s interrupting the tedious speculation of these amateur detectives, and that’s all I care about right now. In fact, I may be about to join the Tohru Adachi Fanclub. Recognising Gary, Adachi gets all flustered, which is a little weird but I’m going to assume that talking to the nephew of his secret lover is freaking him out. He asks Gary to pass on a message to Nanako: daddy’s actually going to be home on time tonight. It’s kind of tragic that this happens so rarely it requires an advance warning. Also, I think we can safely assume that tonight’s “debriefing” between Adachi and Hot Uncle isn’t going to be anything more substantial than a quick knee-trembler up against the Xerox machine.”

    That image was worth it, especially considering the nightmares I am going to be having tonight, with Pedo Hot Uncle and felt dick Teddie.

  7. Ben Says:

    I literally cannot wait to recap the school festival.

    Also…semi off-topic, but relevant, I think, to all our interests:

    If this isn’t leading to a Persona 5 reveal, I’m going to cry. And possibly throw someone at Atlus into a TV.

  8. Cat Says:

    By the way, I feel like I have to be that little know-it-all who points out stuff. In the Golden Epilogue of Persona 4 Golden, it’s revealed that the fox is a chick. Personally I see no point in it changing anything, but just pointing it out.

    I’m glad to see you’re already poking fun at Naoto. No idea who they think they would be able to fool for long… then again, I can say the Japanese version made things a little more ambiguous. But not very much.

    I’m off to watch the dubbed version of Hiimdaisy’s comics of Persona 4.

  9. MintWhelp Says:

    It’s official: I may be reading too much VGR.

    I kept reading “ema” as “enema”, which made this paragraph:

    “As Gary basks in its flamboyant aura, the fox takes a giant leap off the roof and lands behind him, holding an ema in its mouth.”

    …all the more disturbing during a second read.

  10. Robyn Says:

    The bathhouse theme is hands down one of the best themes in the game. I have it on one of my itunes playlists.

  11. Keelorzilla Says:

    I have never played Persona 4 but Ben, these recaps are pure gold. Please PLEASE keep them coming!

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