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"The maesters all contribute extremely obvious comments about death, such as the fact that it is permanent and everything dies. Wow, no wonder these guys are such great leaders, what with their amazing intelligence and all."
     -Jeanne, Final Fantasy X Part 16

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Maybe VGR needs a new logo…

This link is not game-related, but is a perfect test to see if VGR has converted you into a 12-year-old gay British homo who can’t get any. Technically, it’s safe for work, but you might want to be careful just in case.

Unfortunate Company Logos

My question to you is: when you looked at these, did you see the…um…”unfortunate” version first, or did it take you a moment? Are you a true VGR-ite, or do we need to try harder to corrupt you?


Posted by Jeanne

17 Responses to “Maybe VGR needs a new logo…”

  1. CTrunks Says:

    Wow, I caught onto nearly all of them at once, the only one that didn’t click instantly being the ass-containers. I think I’m corrupt enough, right?

  2. Albedo667 Says:

    It took a long time for the Jass Classes one to get through my head. Had to focus on another image to see it the correct VGR way. Am I corrupt enough for you?

  3. AirAce Says:

    Most of them were quite clearly Unfortant. I shared it with two friends! :-P Sadly a couple I had to give it a moment to get.

    My only excuse: I had a long day on a bus with no nap time.. yeah…

  4. TsuNoBa Says:

    Some were immediate, some took a second.

    I spent a moment trying to figure out what the Jazz was supposed to be. I finally had to look at the caption. Because I totally did not see people there.

    Still don’t get the USA logo and the “China Top Brand” thing.

    Damn, I guess I’m gonna have to read more recaps to fix this problem.

  5. Kuriboh Says:

    You owe me a new monitor – I spat coke all over this one. (and I mean coke the drink, not coke the Game Designer’s best friend)

  6. brainlessgal Says:

    I didn’t get the chinese one, but I got the rest! Some took me a minute…like the Jazz Dancer one.

  7. KatKit Says:

    Saw most of them right off, some took a bit of time. I’m not sure whether to be proud or ashamed.

  8. AirAce Says:

    I am proud to have a screwd up brain.

  9. Albedo667 Says:

    The Chinese one has a logo that looks much like the Nazi SS. Didn’t you guys learn anything in history class?

  10. MintWhelp Says:

    Only had trouble finding out the wrongness in 2 of them… 3 if you count the chinese one with the SS…

    Also… *points at VGR logo* PENIS!!

  11. Michael Says:

    I SORT-OF get the Nazi SS, and that did cross my mind, but I don’t think it’s “unfortunate.” I still don’t get the USA network one. The last one took me awhile. I’m so ashamed of myself!

  12. inutilus Says:

    Ahahaha. Maybe VGR is not penisy enough compared to some of these?

    (I’m pretty sure my mom got me from a Kidsexchange.)

    …Naah. Some of these aren’t penisy enough for VGR. Though that pediatric one comes close, I think. >.>

  13. inutilus Says:

    Now I feel stupid. I am not worthy of VGR. Kid Sex Change? I read Kid’s Exchange. I’m such a Tidus. :(

  14. MoroNoKimi Says:

    I am proud to have immediately had bad thoughts about every single one of those XD

  15. Dais Says:

    The only one I’m not quite sure of is the USA one. The rest were rather obvious. Now, considering these logos were likely designed by professionals, it makes you wonder if they made them look like this just to see if they could get away with it.

    Either that, or they were doing drugs.

  16. AirAce Says:

    We should all feel pride even if we didn’t see it all that we did get dirty thoughts thanks to VGR

  17. LeFox Says:

    ….I got them all at first glance, except for the USA logo.

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