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"Twink briefly considers popping open the remaining coffins just so he won't have to deal with the lids cracking him in the head when he makes a mad run for the staircase. Then he realizes that the Black Chu will only stalk him and hurl itself at him all the way down the hall. And that's no good. Fuck it, he's just going to take his chances with the coffin lids. He's kind of used to large objects smacking him in the face anyway."
     -Jeanne, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 12

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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Part 5

I’ve been working on Cockarina of Time Part 5 for months, and I am so happy it’s finally done. Twink is less happy, as he finds out what might have happened to him while he was in a coma. Poor, poor Twink.


Posted by Jeanne

12 Responses to “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Part 5”

  1. Keelorzilla Says:

    I’ve been loving the number of recaps recently! Thank you all so so much!

  2. Cat Says:

    I am so happy you finally checked out that “cloud over Death Mountain”.
    I always have to force myself to play this game, it aged just terribly…


  3. demidaemon Says:

    I loved the backstory you made up for Twink Jr (and the contrasting theories from you and Sam). In my opinion, in Hyrule, it has to be mpreg. How else would they reproduce there?

  4. Heavenfang Says:

    Long time lurker thanks as well, such fine recaps everywhere!

  5. Ben Says:

    Holy shit, this recap has actually made my week. I can’t get enough of Twink’s gay adventures.

    I especially loved the incredibly disturbing speculation on Twink Jr’s parentage, the description of Vulvagina and the pulling apart of the Fire Temple’s mindboggling design. (Incidentally, I once read a post on GameFAQs where someone had actually tried to fanwank all of the nonsensical shit in the temples into making sense. It was glorious.)

  6. Cat Says:

    By the way, are you guys planning on doing any other Twink Games? I would love to see a Skyward Recap – my god, you’d have a field day with Ghirahim – but Jeanne keeps mentioning how terrible she is at sword fighting that doesn’t consist of just flailing around…
    And didn’t you find Jogger Asshole in your last recap? I think you did… must re-read that old, old, old recap!

  7. Sam Says:

    Neither of us has even played Skyward Sword yet, but we’ll be getting to it soon. We’ll be doing Twilight Princess sometime after Cockarina of Time is finished.

  8. Cat Says:

    Sweet! The GC or Wii version?
    I hope the former.


  9. Sam Says:

    Wii version.

  10. Cat Says:

    Oh now I have to hurt you guys… actually, I have to hurt Nintendo for creating that shit-ass port.

  11. Sam Says:

    Trust me, you won’t mind when you get an early start in our inept adventures with the Wiimote.

  12. Cat Says:

    I know the game itself generally didn’t change with the port, but I just disliked the idea that they mirrored it, just to make Link right-handed. (Something I dislike about Skyward Link as well) Link is mostly known from games where he’s left-handed. And mirroring the entire game… also the “waggle” controls of the WiiMote. It’s like you sneeze and you do a spin attack. (Skyward improved so much on the motion control)

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