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"The camera does some terrible things, like zoom quickly in on Tightass's eye, and then pull another dramatic double-shot of Sin. As soon as that's over with, it's time to fight. Auron, Wakka, and Yuna run forward as everyone else stands there pointlessly, including Tightass, the so-called 'leader.' Sometimes the party limit is so silly in terms of the story."
     -Jeanne, Final Fantasy X Part 22

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Part 5

After way too long, I finally finished the latest Phoenix Wright recap. I hope it was worth the wait. There are gay lawyers in it.


Posted by Jeanne

One Response to “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Part 5”

  1. MintWhelp Says:

    Awesomeness! Good job to bith of you and Sam for your efforts!

    “The prosecutor is probably going to use Photoshop to paste Edgeworth’s face into the image anyway. I hope he adds a lens flare over his crotch.”

    If I had the ability, I’d totally make that image.

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