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"'Ha! I knew you'd say that, so I went ahead and brought some skimpy clothes for you,' Rikku basically says. 'First off, we gotta get you into [those clothes]! You're famous, after all, so you'd better go undercover!' Rikku finishes lamely, obviously wanting to see Yuna half-naked. Because yeah, no one will recognize her with her ass hanging out! Great plan! God, game designers, just say you want to make young girls wear revealing outfits at conventions and quit trying to make 'story' reasons for it."
     -Jeanne, Final Fantasy X Part 23

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Wild ARMs Part 5

I hope you’re ready for some more hot PENIS action! Wild ARMs Part 5 is now up. Heh…”up.” Anyway, this recap includes a completely legitimate heterosexual wedding. You know, just like all those other completely legitimate heterosexual RPG weddings. Yeah.

I owe Ben a huge apology for taking so long to post his recap. God, I’m such a dick sometimes.


Posted by Jeanne

2 Responses to “Wild ARMs Part 5”

  1. MintWhelp Says:

    Whoa… a ship called “Sweet Candy”? ..Dude, the only thing that could be more indicative of being a pedophile is if the good ol’ captain was Guado, was called Hook, and also happened to be a mono-browed basement dweller.

    In news that people care even less about, have you seen Phoenix Wright in the Marvel Vs. Cpacom game? He attacks with his pointy… finger and also has a sneezing attack where he erh, sneezes some white substance, which is totally snot! Crazy crazy Capcom people. Makes almost forget they didn’t add Mega Man this time. grumble.

  2. skullgumption Says:

    Now I have the perfect basis for a WA/To Catch a Predator crossover fic.


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