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"The only other surer deterrent I can think of is a sign written in otherworldly dripping blood saying 'Go Back Dumbass!', but even the game designers were not that obvious, and poor Harry's just that damned oblivious. You could have a chorus line of Old Ones doing the Charleston to 'Cthulhu's Old-Time Devil Rag' and our hero would just tool on by them intent on getting his fool head ripped off by creatures who look like what happens when God cleans out his spare part bin by running the contents through a garbage disposal with one working rotor."
     -Kelly, Silent Hill Part 1

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Lunar: Silver Star Story Part 11

The latest Lunar installment by Sam is now posted. This one has a dragon, bad relationships, and naked ladies in it, which is so unusual for this series!

Posted by Jeanne at 20:24

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