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"After the skirmish, the Chocobo greets Cesario with a friendly 'W-Wark! Thanks for saving my skin, man! I'll be your personal bitch from now on!' and Cesario decides that the Chocobo 'seems all right.' Whether that's an appraisal of the Chocobo's fighting ability or other 'talents' is anybody's guess. Gaffy must have some idea, though, because he turns to the Chocobo and advises that it start thinking of ways to 'thank' Cesario. O-kay!"
     -Ryan, Final Fantasy Tactics Part 3

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Wild ARMs Part 6

Ben tackles three separate dungeons and, let’s face it, probably an entire liquor cabinet in his latest Wild ARMs recap. And as a bonus, none of those dungeons really get the characters any closer to advancing the actual plot. Awesome.

Posted by Jeanne at 20:25

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