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"In the morning, Barry heads straight from the inn to the city gates, to watch the fireworks. He's just in time to see Makai's indignant surprise when he sees all the armed troops Kiba's brought along for the 'treaty signing.' Kiba and Klaus are all, 'Ha ha, Gullible McStupidpants,' and order their men to attack. Way to go, Makai. And of course, this is still all Barry's business, because he's pulled into the fray as well. I'm starting to think Two River City is not worth all this trouble. We can let Highland have one."
     -Sam, Suikoden II Part 10

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Suikoden II Part 15 and 16

Double recap! Sam has finished two fantastic Suikoden II recaps. All the burned (or zombie-infested) villages and groping gay guys you can handle.

Posted by Jeanne at 23:17

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