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"McNeil's ho reappears briefly to bitch 'Those robbers are a lot more manly than you are!' Even Teepo? Man, that's gotta hurt McNeil's ego. His ho's words cut deep, and soon he's bawling like a baby and pounding his fist on the floor. As if these actions aren't enough to turn him into a Scooby Doo villain, he snarls 'Just you wait...we'll see who has the last little brats!'"
     -Ben, Breath of Fire III Part 2

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Archive for 05.13


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Part 8

The magnum-sized Phoenix Wright recap that covers the end of the Miles Edgeworth murder trial is now complete! Although it doesn’t seem like it, this is one of my very favorite parts of the game, as well as the entire Anal Attorney series. I put a ton of time into this recap, and I hope you all enjoy it, but I couldn’t have done it alone. Sam and I spent many, many hours discussing the case, finding as many plotholes and inconsistencies as possible. We also invented a lot of interesting gay backstories that we’ll be sure to keep expanding on (no pun intended). Sam even did a round of awesome editing on this beast of a recap.

Short version: this recap was a collaborative effort, so major thanks to Sam!

In the comments, please feel free to discuss any other issues with this case that we didn’t cover in the recap. I’m sure there are still lots of them!

Posted by Jeanne at 16:08


Lunar: Silver Star Story Part 9

The latest Lunar recap by Sam is now up. I’m trying to think up something snappy to say about it, and I was going to go with something along the lines of “this one is really flaming” but then I realized that’s pretty much every recap on the site. It’s still hilarious and, yes, full of flames of all kinds.

(In case you missed the last post, I’m shutting down the forums. Apparently there’s also some kind of security issue where one of the PHP pages is sending out spam mails. How awesome!)

Posted by Jeanne at 19:22


Forum shutdown

Since the forums have been inactive for a long time, I’ve decided to shut them down. The server host is disabling all older databases next week, so I figured this is as good a time as any to officially archive them. I have the forums backed up, so nothing is really lost.

If you want to comment on the site or the recaps or ask us any questions, please use the blog comments. Thanks!

Posted by Jeanne at 13:23


Database and WordPress updates in progress

I need to upgrade the site database as well as the WordPress installation. This is just a heads-up in case I screw something up. In which case you might not even be able to see this page. Crap!

Update: Everything should be done and hopefully working again. Please let me know if you notice anything strange with the site or the blog, apart from the stuff that is strange on purpose.

Posted by Jeanne at 15:57


Breath of Fire IV Part 7

Ben has updated the Breath of Fire IV recap for our reading pleasure. Unfortunately for him, it was quite the shitty recapping experience. *rimshot*

Posted by Jeanne at 19:04

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