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"I've never dreamed about a scary guy in a speedo, but last night I did have a swimming-related dream. I was staying at my in-laws' house with Squall and Rinoa and I was going to go sit in the hot tub with Squall. But Rinoa got all pissy at me and she used her sorceress powers to start this big rainstorm because she didn't want me hanging around her boyfriend when I was wearing my swimsuit. Which was completely ironic and funny because Squall is gay. But I got completely off topic here."
     -Jeanne, Chrono Cross Part 1

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Suikoden II Parts 13 and 14

Sam went on another recapping binge and produced not one, but two awesome, magnum-sized recaps. Of course, roughly half of these recaps are made up of punctuation marks, but still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by Jeanne at 18:33

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