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"Back inside the prison, Fat Bastard is berating another lackey, telling him to 'Bring her back here!! Or you will be dead!!' Oh, so it's not like the time that Bob brought you an important message and you chucked him into the Pit of Doom, right Fat Bastard? Or the time you got your ass reamed by the drag queen in a blue cloak and another lackey bit the dust? You really mean dead this time? Let's face it. Saying 'Good morning' in the wrong tone of voice is enough to do you in here at Hellena Prison."
     -Kelly, Legend of Dragoon Part 3

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Archive for 09.12


Suikoden II Parts 13 and 14

Sam went on another recapping binge and produced not one, but two awesome, magnum-sized recaps. Of course, roughly half of these recaps are made up of punctuation marks, but still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by Jeanne at 18:33

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