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"Scabbers, twitching his Exposition Whiskers, launches into full-on 'arcane legend' mode. 'In the ancient days, when Filgaia was surrounded by forests, it was said that there were eight weapons of the ancient giants. They were sealed away in some secret place after they nearly destroyed the world [I'm sure history won't be repeating itself!]. Some of these weapons were found in ruins in this area. I had no idea that a golem was hidden near Adlehyde!' Fuck. Scabbers, I like you and all, but shut the hell up already."
     -Ben, Wild ARMs Part 2

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Wild ARMs Part 4

Oh my god, you guys, I am so happy that Ben is back with a new recap. We missed you, Ben!

Join him on another phallus-filled adventure in the land of Filgaia, which now has a new, VGR-appropriate nickname. Can you guess what it is? Read and find out!

Posted by Jeanne at 15:41

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