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"One of the outer islands (the second toe of the 'paw') features a rather blas? cave--just six or seven summoning Jizzrobes, nothing fancy or brain-grating at all. The silver Rupee prize makes me so happy I could gleefully stomp all over Tokyo ? la Godzilla. But there could still be good treasure to be found around here! If I keep telling myself that, maybe it will become true."
     -Sam, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 11

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Archive for 12.09


Tales of Symphonia Part 3

Oh my gosh, it is finally done. Here you go, patient readers. I hope it does not disappoint after the ridiculously long wait!

Posted by Jeanne at 20:50


Quick update on the upcoming update

Hey, mofos (that’s an affectionate term). Just letting you know that I’m still working on the recap and will have it up by tomorrow night unless something goes horribly awry. I was a dumbass this year and handmade several presents, which left me little time to do anything else before Christmas like, I don’t know, post my f’ing recap. In hindsight, I should have just bought a crapload of gift cards. It’s just my masochistic tendencies flaring up again.

So that’s my excuse for your late Christmas recap. I hope it will be worth the long wait. Thanks to everyone who commented in support of me and the site. I hope you all have a happy holiday season. Unless you’re a dickhead, in which case I hope a reindeer tramples your face.

Back to editing!

Posted by Jeanne at 16:56


The Slacker Returns

Ugh. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhh…

Okay, let’s not tiptoe around the big Tidus in the room. I know, I know. It’s been way too long — again! — since an update. Newsflash! I still suck.

But there is some good news buried inside this giant steaming pile of procrastination. In the month of November, instead of participating in NaNoWriMo in the traditional sense, I used that time to write 50,000 words of recaps. So it was more of a NaReWriMo, really. So how many recaps does 50,000 words make? Well, I wrote three full recap installments (Tales of Symphonia, Suikoden, and Skies of Arcadia), each of which is more than long enough to split in half. Technically, that’s six recaps. You read that right: I have six recap drafts completely written. You’d better believe I’m going to be parceling those fuckers out and buying myself some more recapping time.

I still need to go through and do screenshots and editing, but those don’t take anywhere near as long as the actual recap writing process. So sometime before Christmas, look for the first of six new recaps. Six! (Yes, that means I wrote six recaps in a single month. For the love of God, don’t make me do that again.)

Posted by Jeanne at 14:47

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