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"Cesario shouts for the Mystery Executioner to release the Princess so that his dream of becoming a True Hero can finally be realized, but, shock of shocks, the Executioner whips off his cloak to reveal his true identity --Duh, it's Gaffy-- and the 'Princess' whips off her dress, hair, and face(?!) to reveal a Generic Archer. This bait'n'switch would be so amazingly out of left field if we hadn't already been privy to Gaffy and Dracula's evil plotting just moments ago. Oh, dramatic irony. You're just the bastard child of the family, aren't you?"
     -Ryan, Final Fantasy Tactics Part 4

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8-Bit Trip

Excuse me, I think I’ll be over here in the corner, having multiple nerdgasms.

Posted by Kelly at 19:30

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