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"Down to business. Shu asks Flik, or 'blue-boy,' in his words, how many bodies they have at their disposal. Flik doesn't like the moniker, but he's older and wiser now and isn't all, 'Hey, sucka, I'm Flik of the Blue Lightning, check yo'self!' He answers that while the Highland Army is twenty thousand strong, our heroes have got about two thousand people waiting to throw themselves on spears, and that's counting old people and babies and inanimate carbon rods. They are so fucked, it's not even funny."
     -Sam, Suikoden II Part 8

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Archive for 05.09


Chrono Cross Part 9

That’s right, bitches: Chrono Cross Part 9. This one kind of effed up my recapping catch-up schedule, I admit. But let’s not write dickheaded forum posts about my slow ass — let’s enjoy the hallucinogenic carnival ride that is Chrono Cross. Hooray!

Posted by Jeanne at 15:35

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