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"The old pedo mason, who is IN NO WAY connected to Bonnie and Clydesdale, replies 'Hmm...who exactly is it that's chasing you now, little girl?', probably thinking about chasing Miss Piggy's ass himself. Miss Piggy somehow has to think about his question for a while, despite having been hounded by B&C for the better part of an hour, and adopts a thoughtful, stare-at-the-ceiling expression before stammering tentatively 'Ummm.........someone named...[Bonnie] and...[Clydesdale], yeah, that's it...' Good grief, if she uses any more periods we'll be here all day. I'm sure 2000 of the 3000-odd words in this recap so far consist of '...........'."
     -Ben, Breath of Fire III Part 4

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Chrono Cross Part 9

That’s right, bitches: Chrono Cross Part 9. This one kind of effed up my recapping catch-up schedule, I admit. But let’s not write dickheaded forum posts about my slow ass — let’s enjoy the hallucinogenic carnival ride that is Chrono Cross. Hooray!

Posted by Jeanne at 15:35

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