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"With this second very essential conversation finished, Lloyd and Penis are free to head down the front steps outside the temple and back out into Black Blob Land. Immediately, the game designers ambush me with another fucking skit, one with the very specific title 'The Journey.' Penis immediately blurts, 'What's [Suelette] going to do now?' Surely he must be wondering about Suelette's immediate plans, such as heading home for a nice dinner or maybe taking a nap. Because wondering about her plans regarding the world regeneration, which have already been jackhammered into our heads, would be too obvious, even for this game, right? Oh, how na?ve you are, young ones. When Lloyd -- the dumb one, remember -- tells Penis -- the smart one -- what we already know about Suelette releasing the seals and becoming an angel, Penis responds sadly, 'So [Suelette]'s going to leave the village...' No, she's going to sign on to the internet and do all that shit remotely. God, this dialogue."
     -Jeanne, Tales of Symphonia Part 2

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