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"Apparently, everyone in Sadsad Shantytown has lived in hope for the day that good King Albert would come in on his white horse and rescue everyone toiling in the fearsome shadow of the Black Castle. Really? I wonder what they would've done if King Bohunk had gotten his noble ass PWNED in Hellena Prison, then? I'm thinking some kind of sad musical number would've come into play, or maybe a melancholy show tune sung by Popo under the light of a grimy-yet-honest lamp as he stared out at the sliver of moon visible through the rotting remains of his home. Just a hunch."
     -Kelly, Legend of Dragoon Part 10

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Archive for 03.09


All aboard the cock train!

I post the following video with no comment. I’m sure you guys will think of some. 

Posted by Kelly at 08:06


Bones in the Basement

I only got four hours of sleep. I need at least eight, but who has time for that? I had everyone else’s problems to solve, diary. When I left the inn, it was fucking raining again. It rained for two hours before it tapered off, and guess who was outside that entire time? At least I was finally clean — there aren’t any baths around here. Or bathrooms for that matter. It’s highly inconvenient.

After the storm cleared, it turned into a beautiful sunny day, and I spent it doing my favorite activity. No, not that. I’m a recapper, but I have other interests besides whacking off, you know. Nope, I once again spent time wandering aimlessly around the countryside, collecting ingredients. Hey, who needs a job when you can sell your drugs homemade potions? Somehow I don’t think the Recapiere name is going to be restored to its former glory anytime soon.

But diary, I know you’re not interested in my collection of herbs and shrooms — you want to know all about my adventures with the Gay Fox and my spy mission with Agarmir. Since it wasn’t anywhere near midnight, and Armand Christophe was most likely asleep, the lucky bastard, I decided to check in on Agarmir instead. It turns out he hadn’t left his house yet — what a lazy piece of shit. Of course, I would probably be just as lazy if I had a freaking house. I guess I can’t really judge.

The gayest guy I've seen today.

While killing time, I sold some of my mind-altering potions to Jensine and gave her an update on my progress. She said that her “sources” told her that no information exists on Agarmir — thus, he must be using a false name. This was the first time I even mentioned Agarmir to her — how did she know about him in advance? Did she have more than one person on this mission? I felt just a bit insulted. Yeah, I’m not exactly speedy, but it’s not like I’m totally ignoring the task either. Not like that unimportant little matter of the Amulet of Kings.


Posted by Jeanne at 21:24


Square Toys, Round Holes

Honestly, I think the guys and gals over in Squenix-land have just given up all pretense of subtlety, not that they had much to begin with. Behold the new Square-Enix merchandising mecca.

We ask for subtext, they give us supertext. Covered in plastic and glitter, and vaguely penis shaped objects. Oh, Square, you just never stop bringing the goods.

Posted by Kelly at 23:11

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