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"Despite the evidence of a minute or two ago when we clearly saw Laurel and Hardy making their lackey way down the Mushroom Rock Road, Paine still wants to know if Lesbianc's men passed by this way on their travels. Perhaps the game designers are just humoring the drunk old broad sitting behind the controller and this is a helpful little reminder to me, to make sure I'm on the right track. Or, maybe the game designers have all the attention span of a gnat and they assume I do, too."
     -Kelly, Final Fantasy X-2 Part 3

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Archive for 09.08


It gives me the humorous vegetables

The preponderance for posts pertaining to penii proceeds apace!

Behold the Capsicum annuum var. annuum ‘Peter’ hot pepper, otherwise known as the “Peter Pepper” or if you’re in my house it’s known as “Holy shit, that pepper looks like a penis!”

It's a pepper! It's a penis! It's a penis pepper!

These little Willies are said to be in the “Oh sweet Christ my tongue is melting” heat category, but if you like very hot things that look like penii, this might be right up your street.

Once again, I have to give blame credit where it’s due, and thank Mr. AG for indulging my inner 12-year-old homo.

Posted by Kelly at 21:43


Another original post about penises

Here at VGR, we aim to please our readers, if by “please” we mean “post what we damned well feel like, when we feel like doing it.” Which is what I’m doing right now, on every VGR-ite’s favorite topic of discussion, the noble phallus.

See, the folks over at Mystic Trader/Pacific Spirit sent me a catalog in the mail the other day. And before I could read it, my dear Mr. AG had opened it and was idly flipping through it when he began laughing. When I finally could wrest the catalog away from him, I found out why:

The “Dick Chainey” Pendant, crafted of finest silver and available gift boxed. The must have accessory for all recappers everywhere. Behold it now, in all its glory, both at rest and proudly erect:

Penis necklace!

Nothing says “recapper” than a silver penis with a pull chain to make it sit up and beg, and that’s a fact.

Posted by Kelly at 19:40



So who’s playing this? I don’t think this should be a surprise to anyone, but I’m loving Spore. And I’m not even making any penis monsters and houses with nipples. No, don’t look at me like that — I’m totally serious! Remember, I also like cute creatures. I’d like to point out that these two interests are not related.


Posted by Jeanne at 12:30

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