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"Finally, Tightass is out on the island where Riku was yesterday, practicing his sword 'skills.' He wanks about Riku being a total badass and being able to beat him, Wakka and Selphie all at once by himself. 'Well, I guess [Token] can always count on him,' he finishes, making sure Junior knows he's being dissed. I hate to admit this, but I just laughed at something Tightass said. And I wasn't laughing at him. Kill me. "
     -Sam, Kingdom Hearts Part 1

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Archive for 08.08


We’re going to need some serious ear bleach.

Pajiba, the fabulous and wonderfully snarky movie and pop-culture review blog has the review for the new animated Clone Wars movie here. And there, lovely VGR readers, when you read mid-way down the page at the voice *ahem* talent that’s voicing Obi-Wan Kenobi, your soul will die.

Die, I tell you, die, whimpering and screaming and sobbing for mercy.

For not only has George Lucus inflicted us with three crappy prequels (the first one only saved slightly by both Liam “Hotpants” Neeson and Ewen “Studboy” McGregor on screen at the same time), he has done grevious injury to us all in the form of aural rape by chosing James Arnold Taylor to voice Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Tidus. Playing Obi-Wan. James Arnold Fucking Taylor playing Obi-Wan Kenobi, who lest you forget, was played by Alec Guiness in A New Hope/Episode IV.

I’m really hoping the ghost of Alec Guiness is hanging around JAT’s house, throwing things. I know I would.

Posted by Kelly at 23:45


Jeanne’s Pokemon Adventures (Part 1)

Uuuuuuuuugh…Pokemon;. I kind of hate myself, but I went and got myself Pokemon LeafGreen, Emerald, Diamond, and My Pokemon Ranch. Take a moment to point and laugh at me — get it out of your systems.

My main goal in playing all of these soul-draining games is to fill up my ranch. I can’t deny my (platonic) love of watching chibi Pokemon run around acting cute and blasting themselves out of the Poke Rocket (not a euphemism). Of course my ranch would not be complete without a Bulbasaur or twenty, which is why I had to get LeafGreen. I have not yet achieved my goal of getting Bulbasaur on my ranch — I have a fuckbillion hours of tedious level building before that dream is realized. Woe.

I share Sam’s discomfort with capturing redundant Pokemon, but it’s kind of unavoidable when trying to fill up the ranch to its limit of 999 Pokemon, or trying to get some of the ranch special events. At least I have an Edgeworth Mii to help wrangle the fifty thousand phallic Pokemon and fuchsia ballsack Pokemon I’ve got inhabiting the place.

But the best part of all? After reading about how rare it is to run into a shiny Pokemon in the wild, I managed to catch one in the first fifteen minutes of playing LeafGreen. Yeah, that’s right — a shiny Rattata. Awesome. I might as well catch a piece of crap with glitter sprinkled on it. I commented to John that I need a a shiny Metapod, a shiny Magikarp, or a shiny Zubat to add to my shiny collection of win.

And then I caught a shiny Zubat in Diamond. Ha ha, Pokemon gods, very funny.

So do any of you have fantastic Pokemon ranches? Does Hayley insist on bringing you nothing but trash Pokemon? Do you have any amusingly pathetic stories of shiny Pokemon you’ve captured? Anyone have a shiny Metapod?

Posted by Jeanne at 19:28


Lunar: Silver Star Story Part 7

I know it’s been kind of slow around here lately, but here’s some new content for you, courtesy of Sam. The Lunar: Silver Star Story Part 7 recap is now up! Yay!

Posted by Jeanne at 22:31

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