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"Hugo and Lulu are mondo impressed with Duckman's methods, to the point that they think he cast some kind of Understanding Spell on the guard. Duckman tells them that 'a little patience and respect go a long way.' I don't see how he displayed either of those qualities just now, but if he wants to delude himself, he can go right ahead."
     -Sam, Suikoden III Part 2

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Archive for 06.08


On Gay Lawyers and Pokemon

Well, “thanks” to Sam, I now have a renewed interest in Pokemon. And not like that — I’m not a pokephile. Against my better judgment, I’ve decided to buy one of the Pokemon DS games. But that’s not what this post is about — I’m sure you’ll hear a lot about my masochistic Pokemon collecting adventures in the near future. Patience, young padawans.

This post is all about what happens when my unholy brain starts wondering how to combine the worlds of gay lawyers and Pocket Monsters Pokemon and comes up with the question: what would be Phoenix Wright’s and Miles Edgeworth’s Pokemon dream teams? Since I am lazy don’t want to hog all the fun for myself, I’m letting you guys answer this question.

I ran this past Sam, and we came up with some simple rules:
*Each of the Pokemon teams needs to contain six different Pokemon.
*Explain your choices — boring lists are boring.
*All Pokemon are fair game — not just the ones from the DS versions.
*You don’t need to create both teams unless you want to.
*Bonus points for including innuendo-laden Pokemon Battle dialog between the two lawyers.
*Please do not post a link to your super serious Pokemon/Phoenix Wright crossover epic.

This is just for fun — I’m not giving out prizes or anything. Hey, where are you all going?

Posted by Jeanne at 14:53


“He would have wanted it that way”

No lead-in is really necessary with the picture associated with this blog post, nor do you even need a recapper’s mindset to *ahem* enjoy the imagery. Let’s just say that I’ll never hear the question “What do you want on your tombstone?” the same way EVER again.

Penis headstone

Posted by Kelly at 17:08


Recapper Movie Review: Ghost Rider

I’ll be the first to admit that I am one huge lazy-ass when it comes to watching movies. So if this movie review is just a tad bit late, by say, a year and half or so, well, you’ll just have to accept that I may have been doing something else for that time. Like drinking lots of alcohol in order to keep a somewhat straight face while trying to watch this frickin’ movie. I’m told I wasn’t smiling when I passed out, so we’ll take the near-constant quaffing of bourbon and bitters to dull the pain in my logic centers as a moderate success.


Posted by Kelly at 14:18

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